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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Atkins, Vitamin D, Multiple Sclerosis, Physical Therapy, and Skype

I was playing around this morning, using my Stumble button, and I came across something I had looked at once, but then forgot about almost immediately. Have you ever heard of Skype? It's a pretty cool site, reminds me of the old Netmeeting, minus the directories. You can do video chats with anyone who also has the program, and you call any ones land line for free. It's no MagicJack, but it has the video chat part, which is nice.

I think sometimes people are uneasy with the idea of others being able to see them while they talk? As you can see, I don't share those concerns! My mother lovingly looked at this picture and, what was her comment, oh yeah, she said I was disgusting! Thanks Maw, I'm sure you meant it with love. That was my leaf blowing outfit, I think it's a sporty look myself.

On the subject of leaf blowing, it did take its toll on my body. I am doing just what I thought I would be up for, sitting in my command center, doing this! The legs are shot, the right hand is little more then a paper weight! The Atkins type diet is going well, 275#s, and I'm feeling better with that type of energy, meaning not bogged down by eating a lot of crap. The vitamin D is doing it's thing I suppose, it hasn't killed me anyway!

I talked to friend from MN, she recharged me, reminding me not to give up. I don't think I am giving up, maybe my complaining looks like it? She is so right, now is time to kick it into high gear! Find the thing that gives me the most relief, and be thankful that it was available at all! I have decided it is time to check on the benefits of physical therapy for MS. I think some of the problems I'm having are stemming from the fact that I am so weak, the big difference being I can feel that now. I hope that makes sense, but I am coming off of 20 years of just feeling the buzz, maybe not being aware that the total lack of energy was actually weakness. I shall let you know.


Anonymous said...

Always with love, but a lot of others could see the picture and not know how handsome you really are. I miss that you. This made me think of Popeye. If this is comfy , enjoy. Love, Your mother

Slammermike said...

Boy I guess she was telling you that you have a face only a mother could love.
A few days in the chair and you'll be ready to go sledding on a shower curtain or something

awb said...

I still think the shower curtain would work, I think it must have been a defective curtain!

Anonymous said...

A shower curtain, sounds like fun.

awb said...

I will have to post a picture of it, it was a shower curtain malfunction!