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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Vitamin D, and Doctors

I had the funniest conversation I have ever had with a doctor today on the phone. I called my main neuro to find out some questions about my vitamin D therapy. I wanted to find out if he wanted me to have blood work at any point in the next year or so, since I am taking such a large dose of the D. I also wanted to find out if this was normal to feel as bad as I do. The neuro told me all my questions were good, but he would have to call a colleague to get the answers since he wasn't really that well versed in it! Whaaa?

OK, so should I jump off my friend named Cliff, or should I stand tall and ride this out? That wasn't what I was looking to hear. I called the neuro to have him say I was doing great, come on in tomorrow to give some blood, and let me shell barker the back of your head and you will feel better. For those of you not lucky enough to ever had one, a shell barker is when someone slaps you on the back of the head with an upward motion. They were big in my family, along with seeing if the banana cream pie smelled funny. Anyway, none of the good things happened, he is calling someone else to find out if I am dying, or if this is the way it is supposed to go.

Does everyone have my kind of luck, or am I the only one that can't catch a break? Why can't I ever seem to get ahead? Will this be the way it goes until my fortune cookie comes true? I wish he had just lied to me and said, "don't worry sport, you are doing great!" Smack! Of course not, I want him to be thorough. No doctor can know it all, I appreciate his candor in admitting he isn't the great and powerful Oz. This is just another example of why you have to stay on top of things and be your best advocate. I get more info tomorrow, hopefully it will be the antidote to what I'm taking now!


froggysoprano said...

Don't give up the ship, doctors are recommending D for babies now as a panacea for all kinds of ailments. You have to know your own body and don't be afraid to asl questions.

awb said...

I can't give up the ship, I can't swim! Speaking of pancakes, do you remember Perkins? Umm, pancakes!

froggysoprano said...

I remember, they made thinner pancakes and that is for me. We went there for breakfast when our daughter got married. I never miss an occasion to get away from cooking.

Slammermike said...

Never had Perkins pancakes
How about Denny's or IHOP?

awb said...

We had a huge roach run across our plates at ihop, so we went to Bob's Bigboy for the all you could eat buffet.

Anonymous said...

Love Bob's BigBoy. Nothing better then all you can eat at 2 AM!!! MMMMMMMMMMM!!!