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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baltimore Food, Where To Go For Good Eats

Where is the best place to eat in Baltimore? Some would say it would be places like Ruth Chris, or Flemming's, or even McCormick and Schmick's. I wouldn't know, I've never been, the wife has, but she didn't let me go. They're probably good, but it's not real food. Real food is a Captain Harvey's cheese steak, a Coffman's hot dog with everything, or a Casa Mia's crab cake. G &A's in Highlandtown is still going strong, So are the places on corned beef row, as was pointed out in my Aunt's comment.

I wonder about some of the places that I used to love, but haven't been to in a long time. I remember going to Uncle Eddie's in Essex with my father, one of his favorites. My mother tells the story of her father going up with a pot and having the people at Ho Joy's fill it with shrimp egg foo young for the whole family, and him calling it Tojo's. Does anyone remember when Stewart's was still a drill in? They still have the best root beer and something called a steam burger. Perring Place over on Cleanleigh Dr. is one of those place's that people are regulars. They don't have to order, it's Thursday so the waitress knows what they want.

We went a while back to our favorite "local" Italian restaurant, Roma's. Imagine our surprise to find it is a vacant lot now? I don't know if it still is, but it was when we went, and we had coupon! My Uncle's and grandfather still think I used to stop and eat shrimp off of their sandwiches from Zannino's East Point. Perkin's is gone, a great place to go for pancakes. For a long time it was the only restaurant in Perry Hall besides Gino's! Who doesn't love a Pizza John's ground beef pizza? You aint lived until you have the grease from one of those dripping off your elbows!

Like people who know me always say, I'm simple! I don't think they mean it same way I do, but them's be the breaks. I'd rather have a big daddy pub burger from Charle's Village Pub in Towson than I would an expensive meal from someplace that made me wear pants. I also like $1 crabs from Bill's seafood more then $80 a dozen ones from Phillip's. Is Whitey and Dot's still down off Wilson Point on the water? I remember you would go in and pick your steak out of display case. Good Eats! I love food, yeah, it's a surprise, but I do. I'm getting ready to start a cooking club, could be fun, don't ya think? I'm sure I missed a bunch of great neighborhood eats, tell me about them, maybe I'll go give them a try!


Slammermike said...

Big Daddy Pub Burgers are good as are the Super Nachos but the company there was always fun.

How about Batemen's Belly Buster?

Capt. Harvey's cheesesteaks are legendary? They are impossible to eat in a car. Filletti's are a close 2nd.

Friendly Farms always has plenty of good food. I really enjoy their crab cakes.

I tell you the Giant in Shrewsbury usually has a great price on shrimp and they'll steam them for you to order. You can get 3 or 4 pounds for less than 2 pizzas

Pizza Johns was good. they did heart shaped pizzas on Valentine's day

FOP Meetings with Papa John's Pizza on box top plates is always good

Now I'm getting hungry

awb said...

All good choices, especially the pizza with 738 toppings! I'm going to open a place like friendly farms someday.