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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's The Truth About Global Warming?

Can anyone tell me what is actually going on with global warming? Does global warming actually exist, and if it does, are humans responsible for it? I hope you can get a more concise answer than I could find. Like so many things in our society, global warming is split along political lines. One side claims it's the liberal hippies on the the left forcing their way of life on everyone. The other side says it's the Facist right wing conservatives trying to keep their cash cow producing milk. Hey Lucy, you got some splainin to do!

Anti global warming says it is the science community lying so as not to loose funding for further research. Wow! Do they have a cure for MS, cancer, and diabetes but would loose too much money if they told us about it? Does that mean there isn't one conservative member of the religious right, driving a 3 mile/ SUV, listening to Jerry Falwell that believes in global warming? That's impossible! I read one page that said not using fossil fuels was the cause of global warming. Yep, if we use more fuel, the sun can't get through the smog! Makes sense in a twisted sort of way.

Pro global warming says we humans are releasing so much Co2 into the air that we will all be dead in a few weeks. I guess it doesn't matter if we have MS, cancer, or diabetes, we are dead anyway! So not one long haired, pot smoking, gay, left winged liberal riding a bicycle thinks it's all a shame? Not very likely. I like those commercials that say the world is saved if we all stop eating meat and live a vegetarian lifestyle.

It seems I can't get the jiggy on what's actually going on. There seems to be no one who will tell us the truth. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Ask any old person you know, any old person you see what they think. My parents walked to school all year long, up hill in the snow, both ways! Things are getting warmer! It used to snow like the beJesus here in Baltimore, but me and the boy wear shorts year round now! We had record snows in the Northeast last winter, or did we? I didn't see them! Man this is serious! OK, OK, OK, I'm OK. I'm not sure if I realized everything will work out, or if it was the tranquilizer dart I was hit with, but I'm OK. I forgot, the elections are this year, one of the 2 candidates ...OH CRAP!


Anonymous said...

Global Warming is an all to convenient theory that has been hijacked by the environmental issue.

The C02 hypothesis is interesting, but recent data have falsified it. A strange alliance, however, between the green lobby, statists and scientists trying to avoid embarassment has kept it alive.

Remember, the greens have gone all in on this one. If Global Warming fails then the environmental movement will be severely and permanently damaged, not that I wouldn't mind the slightest...

Dan Pangburn said...

Global climate models invoke positive feedback from water vapor. This causes the GCMs to predict significant ‘enhanced global warming’. Anyone who has the ability and interest to look at the NOAA data from Vostok Ice Cores for the last glaciation (and prior glaciations) will discover that, repeatedly, a temperature increasing trend changed to a decreasing trend with the carbon dioxide level higher than it had been when the temperature was increasing. Graphs of NOAA and other credible data, all fully sourced so they can be verified, can be seen at Those who understand how feedback works will know that this trend reversal is not possible with significant positive feedback. Thus, contrary to the assumption in the GCMs, significant positive feedback from water vapor does not exist.

The infrared radiation that is absorbed by greenhouse gas molecules is immediately shared with the thousands of times more numerous nitrogen and oxygen molecules. That is what makes the air feel warm. The absorbed energy is then primarily carried up by atmospheric convection currents. This mechanism is well understood by scientists that are knowledgeable in optical spectroscopy. The process is not yet adequately accounted for in the GCMs. These faulty GCMs are the ONLY predictors of significant anthropogenic global warming. Climate history refutes anthropogenic global warming.

The multi-billion dollar government grants for ‘climate research’ depend for their continuation on ominous prediction of looming catastrophe. A lot of people have been hoodwinked by this self-serving rhetoric. Many are eager to impose their will on others. Some are positioned to profit from it. An entire industry has evolved that exploits the fear of anthropogenic global warming.

None of the GCMs predicted the recent downturn in average global temperature coincident with the steadily rising carbon dioxide level. As the carbon dioxide level continues to increase and the average global temperature doesn’t, a whole lot of people are looking more and more foolish.

The so-called consensus is primarily climatologists who stand to benefit from dire predictions and their followers. Over 31,000 qualified scientists and engineers have signed a document stating that human activity has had no significant influence on climate. Compare this to the 2,500 scientific reviewers claimed by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to form a scientific consensus.

No one can be sure where the average global temperature will go from here. According to Vostok ice core data it has been warmer than now four other times during the Holocene (the last 11,000 or so years) so eventual further rise is not out of the question. However, the change in pattern since 2001, the recent downtrend, and continued quiet sun are all indicating that the planet is in for a continuation of the cooling trend. The huge heat sink of the oceans will cause the cooling to be gradual, as was the warming.

awb said...

Thanks Dan, that certainly was thorough. I wish you could explain my cell phone bill and make THAT easy to understood too!