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Friday, August 1, 2008

We Need Electric Cart Lanes

Man, I can just see myself tooling around Perry Hall in my customized, motorized, eletrizized cart. Doing a grocery run would actually be fun! We will need special lanes for people going a governed speed. I don't want to be out on the road with some of the maniacs driving today. I say Perry Hall bans all gas vehicles and only allows electric. That would be pretty cool. No more look at my Hummer, or look at my Benz SUV. I think it would work. We would need to build a fence around..... OK, that's a bit much.

Can you drive one of these things on the road in Maryland? Do you need to wear a helmet? I would do it in a heart beat! Me and internal combustion engines don't get along very well. I hate them! Just plug this baby in, and I'm off! I know, I know, they have a very limited driving range, most about 25-30 miles. That's cool, they last time I drove further than that was opening day of the Orioles. I don't drive an awful lot anymore. Up to the store, the bowling alley for a drop off, or pick up, and that's about it.

Something about the hum of an electric motor. I think this is a way to use a solar charger. Go completely off the grid with my vehicle. No more gas stations for me! Gas costs how much? I did not know that, you see, I'm electric! Oil change? No thanks, I'm electric, we don't do oil. Super Fresh is just a mile away, no major roads, the ones I'd use are pretty wide. I could drive it in parades! I will definitely need one of those ooga horns now! I think I may have to look for a used, baby blue electric car, or truck, put a whip antenna on it, racing stripes and maybe flames, and be the envy of the neighborhood!


Slammermike said...

I've read that in a lot of places golf cart sales are going through the roof. People are using them just like you would with these electric cars.

I guess if you want to go greater distances you could alsowy get a longer extension cord. :-)

awb said...

Extension cords? No, they use those rubber bands to twirl together. I'd look good in that green Zap!