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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis And Amalgam Fillings

So what is the final word on amalgam fillings? Do they contain enough mercury to cause health problems such as Multiple Sclerosis or not? Should anyone that has any amalgam in their mouths be interested in getting it removed? What if you have a large number of amalgam fillings? Is it safe to have them removed. Do you need to have them removed? Man, what should I do? I have a ton of fillings, bad enamel as a result of taking iron as a baby, or some sort of nonsense.

The amalgam issue is one I need not ponder. 28 fillings, all of the white composite, now! I guess it was about 18 years ago that my parent's dentist recommended that I have all the amalgam removed from my mouth and replaced with pretty white fillings. No more accidentally biting into food and getting a little piece of aluminum foil on one of the fillings and sending me through the roof! How did it go you ask? It was 4 days of hell as I remember. Yeah, it was hell, but the amalgam is all gone, or is it?

The interesting thing in all of this is that I wonder if having them taken out was actually worse then leaving them in? I remember thinking how great it would be if the vision problems, as well as the numbness in my hands and feet were suddenly gone! More than anything, I question the method now more the reason. There was no dental dam, nothing to block the fumes from the drilling. That can't be good? Do all dentists and their staffs end up with MS from working with amalgam over a period of years? I don't think so?

Like I said before, I have tried just about everything! I would have tried bee sting therapy, but I have a funny reaction when I get stung. Can't a guy catch a break? We had a neighbor, she was an old Chinese grandmother, she offered me a dark concoction to drink, said it would fix me up! I often wish that I had drank it, and that she was still around to make me another one. The complainer in me swears I can feel the mercury surging through my veins, the fighter in me says I am waiting for the next thing to try to rid myself of this monkey. For now, it's time for my daily Brazil nut!


Slammermike said...

Check out this link:

It had some interesting information and opinions. You may have already seen it.

awb said...

Thanks for hippin me to the info Slammer. Like I said, it's worse then politics! For ever pro website you get excited over, there is a con with equally viable sounding information to burst your bubble. That's why I've done trial and error to see for myself. Right now I have more errors than I had in little league!

Slammermike said...

Yep. I've looked at a number of sights to see if there is useful information. But something that is a cure all in one place is a hoax in another. I can't imagine your frustration.
Like you said there are a lot of errors out there but just like little league you have to keep swinging. Stay in hte game and find what helps.