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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

English Only For The LPGA

Can you make someone speak English, especially if they aren't, you know, English? The LPGA announced today that it's English or get the Hell out! I find that very interesting. I don't know how they are going to get away with it, but it should be fun to watch. The women have until next year to pass an English test, so they aren't rushing them or anything. We make everyone speak English in this country, right? Hey, wait a minute, no we don't!

What do I care if the chick that wins a LPGA tournament can speak English or not? It makes no difference to me one way or the other. Is it because the sponsor's don't like the gals not speaking English in the interviews after the match? The LPGA denies that, but what else can it be? It doesn't matter in baseball. Nobody seems to care they have guys in the NBA you can't understand. Who decided to make the female golfers the example of Americanism?

The guy that put on my parents front steps spoke nothing but Italian. We have friends who's father doesn't speak enough English to give an interview. We went to a Mexican restaurant the other day and I'm pretty sure only one person there spoke English. Even closer to home, the people behind us only speak Polish. The place I buy German sausage from speak only German, except for the cash register girl, she speaks English. The guy that used to be the head of Baltimore County schools got sent home the first day of school when he was a kid because he didn't speak English.

Who cares if any of them speak English, I don't care! I think the important thing here is how we handle the other parts of English, the written parts. As long as the guy putting the front steps on did his job, I don't care what language he speaks. Same goes for the sausage people, our neighbor, and our friends parents. They can speak pig Latin for all I care. Same goes for all the sports people. Speak Spanish, Korean, anything you want. Just know that we speak English. We don't need to have things in Spanish too. We didn't do it for the Italians, Polish, Germans or anyone else, and I don't know why we are doing it now.


omgiamally said...

That just sounds really strange and bizarre. If their good enough to get into the LPGA what does it matter what language they speak. You could be kicking out the possible champion all because they can't speak English.
Plus isn't the US based on accepting people for who we are, melting pot or salad bowl, sounds a little hypocritical.

If your good, let them play!

awb said...

That's my view on gays. I don't care if your thing is getting it on with a chicken. Just don't go after my chicken! They can speak what they want. If I want to understand them I can learn too.