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Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 More Dead in Baltimore Shootings

Like I said they other day, Happy 4th of July! I remember people shooting guns off in the air to celebrate New Years, in rural settings. It appears a group of people in Baltimore city went to a party on Bush Street, behind M & T stadium, and took their guns with them to the celebration. After being thrown out of the hall, they began shooting their guns up in the air, I guess to celebrate? They should have their NRA cards revoked!

Seems the boys in blue showed up and they started shooting at each other. The long and the short of it, 2 party guys dead, 0 boys in blue. Now we wait to see what groups weigh in with what the police did wrong. If it was a white group we can expect to see a bunch of race car bumper stickers, not many teeth, and some halter tops and mullets! If it was a black group, we will be seeing the N2ACP and the Grandmother of the deceased.

Seems to be a problem that crosses racial lines. People continue to do stupid things, claim the right to do them, and shout from the rooftops when someone tries to stop them. Hey Baltimore wake up! Stop being morons and putting yourself in a position of bodily harm or death. Better yet, stop putting the people that are sworn to protect us in a position of having to kill you! Here's an idea for next 4th of July. Leave the guns home!


Slammermike said...

Alcohol and guns don't mix. The news footage of this story on the 11:00 news showed a good number of empty beer cans and whiskey bottles. Fortunately no Police Officers were hurt in this wild west shootout.

beachbum said...

It's called ethnic cleansing, survival of the fittest, whatever...If the NAACP, Farakahn, Spike Lee, and the rest of the lot took the position that Bill Cosby takes (they are responsible for their own stupidity) the world for all would be a better place. Get a legal job, off the til and out of the pages of the Baltimore crime report.