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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gardening so easy an idiot could do it! I did!

Ah, nothing like the smell of freshly tilled soil, the achievement felt from hoeing weeds for hours on end. Fighting bugs and varmints, wondering if everything is getting enough water, fertilizer. Ah, alls I need now is Zsa Zsa to pal around with and I'm set! The problem is I don't feel like, or have the energy to do most of those things, not to mention the room!

How does a poor slob like myself get not only fresh veggies all summer long, but also the joy and sense of accomplishment of having grown it all by myself? You can't! No, I'm kidding, I kid, that's what I do! I decided to build my own self watering vegetable containers. I'd heard of them, but I didn't want to spend the money for them. I went online and Shazam! There they were.

I've decided you can find anything on the internets. I made up 5 of the containers. 2 have tomatoes in them, one has squash, yellow and green, one has 2 types of lettuce, and the last are my green peppers. Each has a strip of organic fertilizer that runs down the center that will feed the plants for the entire growing season. You fill the "fill" tube until water comes out of the overflow hole.

Let me see....yep, that's it! Just like I said, even an idiot could do it! As long as you keep water in the reservoir, all is good. The black plastic keeps out weeds and that's about all there is to it. Now alls I have to do is wait. The squash will be on the table soon, they are about 3 inches long and we have been eating salads for a few weeks.

My claw foot bath tub has 3 tomato plants in 5 gallon buckets. I am going to compare how the tomatoes do in the tub against the self watering ones. I'm no expert, but I bet we know how this is going to turn out. I also have a cherry tomato plant growing upside down out of the bottom of a hanging basket of flowers. Man, what was I thinking!


Anonymous said...

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I have an idea, since you have engaged in this ever so natural form of gardening, why don't you open a fresh food stand right in your front yard, DRIVE THRU OF COURSE, and all of your friends/family/neighbors and prestigiously organic sphere of influential vips can purchase your freshly grown vegetables. Then you can move on to fruits, and then, grow your own chickens, and piggy's too.......

Seriously, thank you Jacqueline for sharing this ever so informative blog site with us. I actually just read today's blog and learned quite a bit. I heard awb's voice as I read each and every word. YOU DID GOOD!!!!!!!! I See The Start of Something New Developing......

Have an awesome day, remember we all love all of you and think of you all often with the warmest of thoughts.......

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Ciao, Ciao, Carmela

Slammermike said...

What kind of tomatoes are you growing besides cherry? Are the squash & zucchini large plants or a special type for this kind of garden?
It is always fun and rewarding to grow your own veggies. Do you plan on doing any canning??