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Monday, June 2, 2008

Discount cards

Tell me the purpose of shoppers discount cards? If I have a card to say Super Fresh, I can save tons of money on their sale items, if I have a card. If I don't have a card, the check out persons has a card they use for me. OK, I suppose there's logic there some place, I just can't figure it out. The grocery stores almost all have them, so they must be the right ones.

Some of the stores give you incentives for shopping with them and using your card. Safeway lets you earn points for a bigger discount on gas. If I spend like $50 in one session I get 10 cents off my next fill up. That 10 cents makes a big deal these days. Safeway has their London broil on sale with a card and chicken thighs, all the time. With the card you can get 2 dozen eggs on a buy on get one deal. They are always twice as much as they were before the sale! Sounds like a scam to me

Weis is the King of the buy one get one sale, providing you have your card. They don't run a spare card for if you've left yours in your other kilt. They don't tell you how much you save, but if you're using you card it must be a huge savings. What happens if I lose my card, is my permanent record erased? Is it like I've never shop at their franchise? What happens to my roll over minutes?

I'm pretty sure Giants card is a way to tie into our library card to see if we are checking out Scott McClelland's new book or the Catcher in the Rye, I'm not sure which one. They run the same garbage as the others. Use your card and save tons of money. Why do we need them at all? With out the cards you will never get the girl and probably live with your Mom forever! We must need them, they all have them, right?

Wrong! The old time stores don't have them and they are doing just fine. Mars doesn't use it, they seem to be staying open. Shopper's is packed all the time with no cards. How is it working? Kingsville market doesn't even have scanners and they are one of the best. They are the best for the butcher shop. Good for carnivore's like me! Over all Geresbeck's is my favorite and they don't use cards, or codes, or retinal eye scans. They give you good product at good price, and they do it without a little plastic tracking device! Either give me an universal grocery discount card or just take my money and say thank you!

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Anonymous said...

I think that the discount cards are a wave of the future that actually started back in the 1970's when retailers started tracking sales, inventory levels and ordering replenishment inventory electronically using the UPC (Universal Product Code) Bar Code. Now the super markets are tracking sales trends. They hope to be better prepared for seasonal purchases. By knowing the sales trends the stores are able to negotiate volume discount prices and are able to pass some of the savings along to their customers.

The Giant Stores in Pennsylvania offer online services based on your past buying tendencies. They offer a customized shopping list based on your past purchases. You are able to modify your list as needed. They also highlight any items that you regularly purchase that are on sale. They also offer coupons that are not part of the regular flyer sale.

It is thought that the neighborhood markets such as the Farmer's Market and the Lexington Market are going to follow this growing trend. Each vendor in the markets will have their own discount card.

Customers will have more discount cards on their key ring than a night watchman has keys. They will also be offering key rings at a dramatically discounted price. But only if you have the right discount card.