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Monday, June 30, 2008

Change of Venue for Mayor Dixon?

The Mayor of Baltimore is crying foul in the case investigating her for wrong doing when she was the head of the City Council. She said it is a sexist and racist attack. Oh my! She played both the race and sex card in one hand! I thought she would have been better off to play them one at a time. To use them simultaneously leaves her with nothing to trump in with. I don't know what the case is even about, but it saddens me that a public official is being railroaded because of their gender AND race!

So the news people are saying the case needs to be moved to another location for fairness. Holy cow, that is the fastest change of venue I have ever seen! There in lies the argument for the charges being racist. The newsies are claiming the prosecutors are the ones that will be interested in the change. Why do you think the prosecutors might want the case moved? I can't think of anything that would make them want to do that? I mean it's not like there are instances of public officials getting off in the cities they run? OK, Marion Berry, but he didn't off, he just got re-elected!

The Mayor was elected in a land slide wasn't she? What was the turn out in the city, something like 10% ? Anyone ever been to court in the city? Ever sat in on jury selection? What about any other jurisdiction in the state? The jury panels look a little different in the city. I'm sure if the Mayor goes to trial she is going to want to keep it in the city. If I was black I wouldn't want to have a jury trial anywhere but the city!

I don't know that I ever saw a change of venue that worked. I remember being in Denton once. There was a trial of a Chinese guy that had been profiled on America's Most Wanted. He was a accused of murder, it was very exciting. All the rules were observed. The jury wasn't allowed to see him in shackles or hand cuffs. He was to be in the courtroom before the jury came in and stay there until the jury was safely locked away. That's exactly the way you want it. The people of Denton had no idea who this guy was. I saw a problem with the whole deal during lunch time on the last day. Walking to get some lunch an old farmer from the Eastern shore called from across the street and asked, "have they found that Chinaman guilty yet"?

Again, I don't know what they are saying the Mayor did, but I hope all goes well with the process. I certainly hope that all the rules are observed and that all issues are handled in a fair and equitable manner. I also wish that they didn't start right off the bat yelling racism. If they are doing this strictly because of her color I think we should all wear our buttons to support her. If there isn't racism I also think we should wear them to chastise her. A word of advice MS. Mayor? Don't let them take you to Denton for a fair trial!


Anonymous said...

She ain't nothin' but a crack ho. I hope her brilliant legal team does move for a change of venue and gets the eastern shore or western Md. She can then find out what it is like for regular folk to face a city jury.

Slammermike said...

I just don't understand some people. Like the entire Marion Berry deal.

The news the past few days have been talking to the people on the street about the investigation of the Mayor. The responses that were aired were amazing to me. One African American woman angrily responded that the entire investigation was a witch hunt simply because Mayor Dixon is a Black Female. Several other blacks interviewed voiced the same sentiments.

The news crew then went to a market place that appeared to have mostly white patrons. The response the news team showed was that what the Mayor is being investigated for happened when she was City Council President. They said that happened in the past and that she is doing a good job as Mayor and they should let the past go. Now you have to keep in mind that the media decided which responses we were shown. They lead you believe that public support is 100% behind Mayor Dixon.

As far as a change of venue that would be interesting in deed. But there is no need for a change of venue if there are no charges brought against the Mayor. So I think they are putting the cart before the horse. But the media has their own schedule and their own idea of justice and what is news.