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Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Can't Feed 'Em? Don't Breed 'Em"

What a horrible quote that is! What are people of limited means supposed to do, not have kids? That is outrageous! Who decides if people are allowed to breed unchecked? It certainly shouldn't be a county or state employee. That is horrible! The mother of 5 in Cecil County, I think her name is Naikkia, has the right to have as many children as she wants and no bureaucrat has the right to question it! She is being thrown out of her section 8 housing for having an unauthorized person supposedly living in her house. What, now they are going to decide who can live with us?

Here is a mother of 5 that is working hard to become a nurse, but she just keeps getting hassled by the man. How does her husband, or boyfriend feel about this? They must be divorced if she is living with the children by herself. Can't hold that against them. He must be paying for her education, that's nice. Wait a minute, you don't think? No, it's not possible she has 5 children, is living in section 8 housing, and going to nursing school on my dime? She is doing all that and doesn't see how stupid it is to complain about THAT particular quote?

Maybe it's me, but I thought we had a responsibility to take care of ourselves? I understand there times when we can't. Boy do I understand it! To self inflict 5 children, I'm taking for granted she wasn't raped 5 times, to self inflict that I think you lose the right to complain about the system. Reminds me of a line from A Few Good Men, something along the lines of living under what I give you and then complaining about the manner that I give it? Why do people assume they have that right?

I think I can tell you why they feel that way? We let them. Do we not have rules in our society? Do we not have to follow said rules? Evidently not? Why isn't this mother of 5 who lives in section 8 housing in some type of work program? Why shouldn't she be required to work for what she has? Is there no work she can do from her section 8 housing while she is home with her 5 children? If she has a few more kids will she qualify for medical school? Why are we paying to send her to nursing school? Seems like a flaw to me?

Cecil County Delegate Michael Smiegel is "outraged" by this entire thing. Surely he wants people held accountable for their own actions, right? He wants people to stand up and take responsibility for what they do, right? No, sorry, that's not what he is "outraged" by. His "outrage", and Naikkia's, is that the quote "Can't Feed 'Em? Don't Breed 'Em" appears on a bumper sticker, on a car, driven by Dave Mahanney, who runs Cecil County's Housing Authority. If that was his work vehicle, OK, maybe that's not kosher, but he sure has the right idea!


Slammermike said...

Now it seems to me that Cecil County Delegate Michael Smiegel is stereo typing Dave Mahanney. If that is all that is on the bumper sticker then maybe Mr. Mahanney is an animal rights activist. Maybe he is addressing the number of undernourished uncared for horses in the rural farm country of Cecil County. Maybe the sticker is to show Mr. Mahanney’s support of the SPCA program to spay & neuter your pets so they don’t breed into a serious health issue in Cecil County. Mr. Mahanney might believe that we should take responsibility for our pets and farm animals.
Everyone is always ready to jump to conclusions.

awb said...

Go here and watch both videos of the piece John Sherman did on this. Notice in part 2 the other bumper stickers are blocked out, but in part 1 you can see them. What's up with that? The one directly under the don't breed says "a mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open". That must not have fit the second part of the story?

woo woo said...

Amen. I just want to know where i can buy me a can't feed em don't breed em sticker!