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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can I Call You Mel?

OK, so I'm watching the O's and I'm trying to figure this new bit the announcers are doing when they profile a player for each game. I wonder what bone head came up with that idea? Is this so the average slob, like me, will watch the players wives, mothers and fathers and say, "I did not know we had so much in common"? Why do they try to make them regular people, they aren't. Face facts, you have nothing in common with Kevin Milar and therefore should not hope he calls you to hang out on off days.

I watched one where the guys mother told us what a good boy he was growing up. OK, is that why he can't hit a curve ball? He prays before every at bat, every inning, and I think he says a prayer while he is getting ready to pray? That is a great thing to hear in this day and age of athletes using drugs, being drunks, beating wives and girlfriends, it really is. Maybe he should have prayed for the restraint needed not to cuss the umpire out on national TV using a word that started with "F". He may have been asking if they were still making fudge that night?

It warmed my heart to hear the one pitcher's father tell us his son was an all around athlete. That is so cool! My dad thought I stayed in the bathroom too long. Good thing they didn't interview him! His son likes the city, not as much as back home, but it's nice. That's super!

They interviewed Melvin Mora today. He seems like a nice guy? He lives about 20 minutes up the road in Fallston. He grew up in South America someplace, evidently pretty poor. I always like a good success story. They interviewed his wife. She seemed nice too. It's nice when nice people marry nice people. It's just nice! Mel only lets his kids eat healthy foods, like the foods people eat back home. He and his wife like the doctors here because they treat everyone the same. I would get the same care as a rich and famous person like Mel would. That was both entertaining and informative.

The kicker came when they talked about the costs of raising a family and how expensive it is. Brother I feel your pain! Just wait til they're ready for college Mel. You may have to keep from things you want to do to do the things you need to do! I heard your wife talking about how expensive food is. I think she said even shopping at BJ's was tough? WHAAAAAAAA? Are you kidding me Mel? Have you tried B Gaddies? Give me a break! Is Mel making more then a guy that takes early retirement from the County? I have a feeling the Mora kids aren't in danger of having to go to a community college, or join the free lunch program at their public school. Mel has learned to speak English very well, maybe he should now learn when to speak it!


Slammermike said...

I missed the game yesterday and did not get an opportunity to see the Player Profile segment.

You have to realize that Melvin and his wife have to clothe, house and feed their 6 kids. That can be very taxing on a tight household budget. Also remember that the Moras are paying the same $4.00 a gallon for gas that you & I have to pay.

I am glad to hear that Mrs. Mora shops at BJ’s to try and stretch those food dollars. Did it happen to mention if she was also a coupon clipper? I wonder if she waits for double coupon days.

See the thing that the average person seems to forget is that these professional athletes have a very limited window of opportunity to make a living wage at their chosen profession. The average length of a professional athlete’s career must be between 5 and 15 years if that. The average working guy is lucky enough to get a pay check for between 30 & 40 years. That is a lot more time to be able to earn money. And remember that even though baseball season is from April until October to these ball players it is a full time job. They must train year round to stay in peak physical condition. They have to report to spring training in February. That means they have to go to Florida every winter.

Now keep in mind that these players spend a lot of time on the road for away games. Being away from home on business can also be a burden in a tight budget. That is why like many businesses major league ball players receive a per diem for away games and off days while on the road. They are paid approximately $85.00 per day for meals while on the road according to reports. Some players feel this should be increased because of the high prices for room service in the 6 star hotels that the team makes them stay in. (for an example a NBA player complained that a room service steak dinner cost him $80.00, NBA players are lucky though they are given $106 per day on the road.) I know that many businesses pay about $25.00 per day for meals to their employees while on the road for business.

To help stretch the per diem many teams would have a post game buffet at the ball park for the players at no charge. I don’t know if they still do that.

Your post had me curious as to what Melvin Mora makes as a baseball player per year. I was able to find that information on line and the figures are eye opening. I don’t know how they make ends meet. I guess that is why their contract a filled with performance incentives that can greatly enhance their meager salary. Then many professional athletes must take on additional jobs to help with these tough economic times. They take on personal appearances, they sell autographs, there are equipment endorsements and other commercial endorsements. Fortunately the more well known players can carry these endorsements into retirement. This will help them in their golden years if they aren’t able to save enough in their playing days or able to set some money aside in a 401K. This extra income could be helpful with those college expenses that you talked about.

Here is the information about the paltry earnings I was able to find. Maybe we can establish a relief fund or a college tuition fund.

Mora, Melvin

Year Team Salary
2008 Baltimore Orioles $ 7,826,914
2007 Baltimore Orioles $ 7,758,503
2006 Baltimore Orioles $ 4,333,334

2005 Baltimore Orioles $ 3,833,333
2004 Baltimore Orioles $ 2,333,333
2003 Baltimore Orioles $ 1,725,000
2002 Baltimore Orioles $ 350,000
2001 Baltimore Orioles $ 270,000
2000 New York Mets $ 210,000

The 2008 median salary (base salary with no incentive clauses added in) for the Baltimore Orioles $477,500 down from the 2007 median salary of $3,000,000. I guess Andy MacPhail did clean out some high priced dead wood when he arrived.

Melvin Mora is making $7,826,914 in his 9th year as a major league baseball player.

A Baltimore County Police Officer’s starting salary is $45,783 and they make $62,255 in their 9th year on the job.

A Baltimore County Deputy Sheriff’s starting salary is $37,007 and they make $48,851 in their 9th year on the job.

A Baltimore County Police Officer would have to work more than 125 years at their 9th year salary to earn what Melvin Mora is making in his 9th season of pro baseball

A Baltimore County Deputy Sheriff would have to work more than 160 years at their 9th year salary to earn what Melvin Mora is making in his 9th season of pro baseball.

A Baltimore County Police Officer would have to work almost 8 years at their 9th year salary to earn what the 2008 median salary is for the Baltimore Orioles.

A Baltimore County Deputy Sheriff would have to work almost 10 years at their 9th year salary to earn what the 2008 median salary is for the Baltimore Orioles.

I don’t know how they scrape by. At least the ballplayers don’t have to put up with the same dangers as those Police and Deputies.

awb said...

I bet when they are on the road they don't have to turn in separate receipts for underwear and beer either! No respect!