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Friday, June 27, 2008


What does 1.25 billion dollars buy these days? It looks like since 2000 it has been able to buy a private army. Blackwater just got their contract renewed. Does anyone know what it is they do exactly? I'm not talking about being pretty sure, or almost certain. Does anyone know for sure, and can anyone stand and say with certainty what they do? It doesn't seem that anyone can. US Commanders in Iraq have complained they have no idea who Blackwater is, and where and when they are operating.

The State Department has control over Blackwater, but what does that mean? Richard Griffin resigned when he couldn't answers questions about Blackwater. He resigned but his 2 aids that had oversight were promoted on the same day. Way to go Condie! Do you know anyone who has a job that has no checks and balances? Garbage me are more accountable than these guys! Where did Griffin go when he retired? Did anyone check to see if he went on Blackwater's payroll? Was he already on their payroll? Hmm, I wonder?

So Blackwater made 1.25 bil guarding and driving diplomats in Iraq. How many diplomats are there in Iraq? Are they guarding our diplomats or theirs? The State Department says they guard these diplomats, and drive them when they leave the green zone. Why are they leaving the green zone? Are they going to keggers off campus? How often do they leave the zone? What percentage of the 1.25 bil is earned while said diplomats are tucked safely in the green zone? Who guards them whilst hunkered down in the craddle?

I thought the brave men and women of the US Armed Forces were there securing the green zone? Why do we have mercenaries, ones paid by our government, doing jobs the soldiers are there to perform? Who do I call to tell them I'd like Blackwater out of Iraq? I have that right, don't I? Our elected officials are their to do what we ask of them right? Isn't it majority rules? If enough of us write, call, drop in to see our officials, they put things in motion to do what we want. I am a constituent! I want action!

Who decided to send these 1.25 bil private guards to Iraq? Was there a vote? A discussion? Did anyone offer a whatta ya think? How do I get in on a gig like that where nobody knows what you're up to? Did anyone actually ask, or was this another of those no bid, hush hush deals that our current administration loves so much. They are the ones that keep telling us we don't support the troops if we are against the war. What does it say to the troops when their own government brings in private muscle to protect the diplomats?


Anonymous said...

Ignorance does not become you. Blackwater, does not guard any government employees, that is done by the military and the agencies own protective units, ie: State, Agriculture, etc. They are a private corporation hired by private companies to guard CEO's, employees and transportation of a corporations equipment. As far as the hush hush deals of this GREAT and WONDERFUL current administration of ours, for which I would vote for again, it is the free market that created the need for Blackwater and other companies that do the same type of work. Without these companies, we would not be having the great success as we are having in Iraq. It is so sad to only see anger coming from you liberals. To bad you liberals do not think with your brain and only think with your emotions. Have a great and blessed day, from your friend that clings to their guns and bibles.

awb said...

I only have a few questions in all of this my insider track friend who has all the scoop. Who pays Blackwater? Are The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Time/CNN all in on the Liberal conspiracy? I thought the State Department was a federal agency, ie: They have control, such as it is, over Blackwater. More of the same rhetoric, but thanks for stopping in, it's nice to hear another opinion, even if it is given as a put down and meant to be demeaning.