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Thursday, May 29, 2008

No call list

So I'm happy, between and unlisted phone number, and being a part of the nations no call list, we don't receive those annoying phone calls anymore. You know the ones I'm talking about. No I don't want to change my long distance carrier, and no, I don't want to participate in a brief survey. How did the sons of Lithuanian veterans get my number anyway?

I'm still trying to figure out where the hidden cameras are in my house because the Shriners called exactly when we were eating dinner. It didn't matter what time we ate either. We got to the point we were eating all our meals at 10 am, all three of them! I'll be damned if that Aussie gecko didn't call to see how much we were spending on boat insurance!

Did ya ever have a phone solicitor on the phone, well of course you had them on the phone, where else would they be, think man, think! Anyway, so you're talking with a phone solicitor, thankfully the other line beeped and you were able to get away from the Chief of the local volunteer fire company who was raising money for a new ladder only to click into Police Chief Wiggums raising money for new bullets! Man these guys just don't quit!

Thankfully I am safe, or so I thought. The phone rings and it's an automated message from my son's high school. At first I thought it was very cool! Your son, jwb, was late for school today. Busted! Every kids worst nightmare. They also called to remind us that school was closed on Friday. Thanks automated school guy, I did not know that.

Then things went south. The athletic booster club is raising money, and the cheerleaders, and the chess club too. Mrs. Jackson is retiring after 37 years, you go girl! There is HSA testing, PTA meetings. and NHS programs! Where did these phone dialers come from? How do we get rid of them? Are they going to call me after he graduates? Who paid for it? Can kids without phones hook school with anonymity? I'm hoping like with most toys the novelty of this dies off and we can go back to eating dinner in the evening!

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