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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Strength to Go Out

     I’ve got a dentist appointment today, fun day out amongst the humans. It will take every ounce of energy I have for this. I need to do some research, what happens next? What happens when I can no longer gather enough strength to get to the dentist? I go to the doctors too. I see people there with caregivers, usually a woman, where do they come from? I really don’t want that. It’s really no fun living your life in the what if lane, it’s even worse in the when lane. It’s raining now, that will make it easier! See, when you are having a bad day there is always a chance it will get worse!


3passkim said...

I hate going to the dentist...sorry about your complicate lane of life...but you have a great attitude and a beautiful family

Malinda said...

Maybe your hygienist will come to you !