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Monday, July 11, 2016

Changes in living arrangement, time to stop driving

Ok, so what's new? We moved into a new house, a rancher that I can access everything. It's raised, so we have an outdoor elevator to gain entry, pretty cool! I just got a new wheelchair, very comfortable. I'm glad we didn't paint the new doors or the hallway yet, I have taken some pretty good size chunks out trying to get used to it! My soon to be 90 year old father in law lives with us, now that's a challenge! I spend a good chunk of my day reminding him where the bathroom is, and then explaining what you do in there!

I'm coming to the end of my driving, sad, but true. The weakness in my arms is the issue. I can't hold my right arm up at all, and I've begun to drop things with the left. It's so strange, I drop them and I'm not even aware it happened. I'll miss the driving, and the independence it brings, but a man has the know his limitations. I think George Washington said that, or maybe Dirty Harry, I often get those two confused?


Kim @ stuffcould.... said...

what a cool way to get in your new home! I know the damage too well that a chair can do to a door or wall. I try not to hit things but it happens. SO Sorry that you cant drive anymore! It is a sense of independence. you have a good attitude, I dont know who said it either lol

awb said...

Hey Kim, thanks, I'm mad about it, but it is what it is.