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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Proud Owner Of A New Ramp, My Back Is At It Again

We finally broke down and added a ramp to the side porch, I'm spending more time in the wheelchair, figured it was time to get it in the house? The brother came and built the ramp, enlarged the patio at the end to give me plenty of maneuvering space as well. A friend from high school came and did the railing with his wife, thanks to them. Imagine my surprise when I wheeled up and the chair didn't fit through the door! Luckily another friend had a chair for sale that did, thanks to him. Last obstacle are the 4 steps up to the bedrooms and baths, sure we will be able to tackle that one too. Thanks to everyone that helped, George Bailey has nothing on me!

The time I spent down waiting for back surgery all but finished my legs, not much get up and go left in them. Think of how ticked off I was a couple of days ago when I got in the shower, turned to close the curtain and found myself laying on the floor! This last surgery lasted about 3 months or so, same problem is back with a vengeance. Now we have to decide what to do? I can manage the pain I'm tempted to do nothing, surrender to the chair full time, it's coming anyway. At what time are you excepting the inevitable or giving up?


Muffie said...

Well, aren't you the lucky one with a spiffy new ramp. I really want one on our back entrance -- it's just three steps, but they're killing me every day. At least with the long stairway to the second floor, there's carpeting, and I can crawl up. The outside steps are cement, though. I groan each time I have to haul myself up them. I still walk in the house, but I'm using the chair more often in other places. Sorry your back is still bothering you.
(And yes, I am closing my kaleidoscope blog, but I'll be starting a new one. I'll let you know. BTW, you should read Laura Lippman's books -- they take place in and around Baltimore.)

awb said...

Muff - I want to read about pine barrens and the Jersey devil!


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

This was funny when I saw your anticlimactic ramp story! Your ramp is sure pretty, nice of friends to help. I hope you never have a snake on your ramp! I know the battle of the wheelchair, moving around sure helps my mind....I feel freedom with mine, also helps to preserve my strength for the day. Still hate a wheelchair. Sure hope your back gets better!

Terri said...

Sorry your back is out again. As far as the 'accepting the inevitable or giving up' thing, I say go into it gradually. Use it if you need it and skip it if you don't. I think you've already accepted that you'll need it more and more. That's not giving up.
In my book, whether you're in the chair or not, you still Rock. But I'm partial and prejudice. ;-)

awb said...

Kim -You're not going to believe this, we had a snake yesterday!

Terri - Thanks, I'm doing my best


Webster said...

You are so right to be planning ahead. You never know when MS is going to kick you in the backside. It's a nice looking ramp, and it great that you have family and friends who have your back.

Thanks for following on my blog. I don't post much, and when I do the hole ridden brain that I have does plague me, but it is what it is. I'm sure you understand.