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Friday, May 9, 2014

Wheelchair Van A Go, Time To Paint The Living Room

So this is my new toy, ain't she cute? She's an 1980 Chevy, about 80,000 miles, purrs like a kitten! The lift device is pretty cool, have to admit, until recently hadn't paid much attention to them. It's a 3 button system on the back. First button opens the doors, second the platform comes out, third button lowers the platform, boom! It started right up with a hot shot, needs a new fuel pump, we'll probably put new tires, hoses and belts on, should be ready to go!

Getting ready to paint, everything needs it! My problem is I don't know what colors to pick? The only thing I know for sure is that
I want some color, no more white, off white, cream or beige. Aren't there books, or magazines, or webpages that show you what color combinations look like together? I want something warm and cozy that people will feel comfortable when they come by, but not so much that they stay too long. Do they make a go home green? 


Webster said...

Sweet - what a nice gift! Have fun with it.

awb said...

Webster - Thanks, looking forward to getting my hands on it!


Muffie said...

Lucky you with the tricked-out van! I'm jealous! As far as color schemes, there are plenty of places to look. Better Homes and Gardens (magazine and has a section each month about color schemes. As far as making people leave -- dab some of that paint on your face and give a few war hoots. They'll run for the door! Seriously!

awb said...

Muffie - Trust me, getting people to leave my charming personality isn't an issue!