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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dental Destruction, Therapist Must Be Crazy

I was anemic when I was a baby, the mother didn't know she was supposed to give me the iron through a straw, she gave it to me on a spoon, or so the story goes. As a result I have horrible teeth! When I had the amalgam fillings removed in the early 90's they numbered 26! I am meticulous with my oral hygiene, didn't seem to matter? I have a few, OK a bunch of crowns, always something going on. Had a loose crown, figured I'd go in, have it cemented back on? Won't need to do that, running my tongue over it today the whole tooth feel out!  Appointment next Thursday with an oral surgeon to have the rest of the tooth removed.

P/T girl comes today, got a new one, she comes when she says she's coming, and seems to have a plan. Met with the O/T gal finally, had to get that precious authorization. The lack of a plan is what I have always disliked about therapy, it always felt like they were making it up as we went along. She has go to exercises, keeps me on task. I will see about O/T, have my doubts to be honest, some radical ideas like doing laundry and cooking and assorted choirs!


Muffie said...

I did well with PT, but not OT. As you said, formulating a plan, and then following it through works best.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I think PT works, I don't do it enough. My teeth are a bunch of caps and root canals, so I understand the feeling of trying to keep the teeth. Hope it goes well

Anonymous said...

i recently found a pt service that comes to my house! before that, i would be exhausted just from getting to the place before we even started. we worked together a few times, she left me with a long list of things to do, and on the whole, it was a great experience.

awb said...

Muff - O/T almost killed me, had to stop

Kim - Debating if I should move someplace where teeth are optional?

Won - I fear I'm past all of it, even the simplest routine set me back?