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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mother In Law Surgery, Moving Command Central Upstairs

The mother in law has a rather large surgery on Monday, one all of us are looking forward to, including her.  She went to a geriatric doctor for answers to a sudden onset of dementia symptoms.  It was like the life had been sucked right out of her, no energy, no short term memory.  The doctor ordered an MRI and low and behold, she has an angiogenic brain tumor the size of a golf ball!  The tumor is the pressing on the part of the brain that controls, you got it, short term memory.  My aunt had this years ago, recovered beautifully, but she was a young woman, compared to the mother in law, who is 80.  Wish her luck, both that she comes through it ok, and has a vast improvement in her quality of life!

Thinking of kicking the boy out of his room, the smallest of the 3, would make a perfect den.  Before you call social services, I'm talking about moving from 12' x 12' bedroom, to a 24' x 15' family room with a big screen tv and private bath.  The plan is to  move the sofa bed up into my lair, buy a lazyboy swivel rocker, put command central up there with my 32" monitor!  This isn't  just whimsy, puts me on the same level as the bathrooms, eliminates the 3 steps down to the living room, kitchen, or the 8 or so more down to the family room.  Only one thing left to do, ask the wife if it's ok!


Muffie said...

Double good lucks -- for your MIL and your move. Keep us posted on both!

awb said...

Muff - Thanks, hoping for great results, super woman, deserves a break.


Patrick said...

Can't even remember how many times we remodeled our first home in College Park, MD to accommodate MS progression. Seems like it was perpetual. If you can gain bathroom access and eliminate steps without remodeling, wow that's thousands, no tens of thousands in your pocket!

Prayers for your Mother in Law's successful surgery.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

awb said...

Patrick - If I can get both kids out I'll have the entire east wing as my playground!


Muhammad Amir said...
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Muhammad Amir said...

It was like the life had been sucked right out of her, no energy, no short term memory.