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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baclofen Has Made My Right Hand Useless, I Think?

So who knows the skinny on Baclofen? It's been doing an incredible job with the cramps and pain in my legs, very happy about that. I took Baclofen years ago, didn't like how it relaxed my legs at the time. It did the same thing this time, but I stuck with it, increased the dose, and have adjusted. What caught me off guard was what it did to my right hand, the same thing it did to my legs. Can't brush my teeth right now with the right hand, use a comb, scissors, cut meat, or even write. I'm hoping I will be able to rehab the hand, get some use out of it again. Tough when the trade of for not being in agony is lose of use, but I'm thinking it's pretty worth it at this point.


Alison Buchnan said...

My Baclofen helps with my musle spasms. It seems if your numb it is another symtom of MS. Sometimes it gets better and sometimes it lingers on. A lot of my body is numb, but Im okay. What you should do is see your DR ASAP for MRI and maybe steroids.I hope this works

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes, could be Baclofen or MS? Check with doc....I thought the same, adjusted to the increased Baclofen? am ok now. The weakness is better, somewhat?
ps see i am full of ??

awb said...

Alison - The right hand weakness has been building, just had a marathon MRI, unfortunately I think it's just the next thing. Like Kim from Stuff Could Be Worse, I'm full of it too!

Kim - I'd never think you were full of it!!!!!