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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Atkins Diet Coming To An End, Think I'll Switch To The Daniel Fast?

Have to figure out what is going to come next for me when it comes to my diet plan, I think Atkins is going to make my heart explode if I have any more bacon! I've lost 50 lbs, thrilled about that, but if I don't get some fruit, or some nuts or seeds I think I may explode. I'm getting ready to make a switch, go to something called the Daniel fast, a vegetarian diet plan, told ya it was a switch. So I'm going to go from eating all parts cow, pig and fowl, to eating nada, zip, nuttin. I think it's a more logical way to eat, the way we were built to eat, but I can't argue with the weight shedding power of Atkins.


feolafitness said...

Hello! I just saw your post and have great news for you! My book, The Ultimate Guide the Daniel Fast, is being released by Zondervan THIS WEEK! You can order it online or wait until it hits the shelves. It will be an encouraging resource for you while on the Daniel Fast. You can also check out my blog to get a "taste" of the type of info you'll find in the book.

Kristen Feola

Patrick@Caregivingly Yours said...

I lost 50 lbs in 6 months on South Beach Diet a couple years ago. I know what you mean about the food focus of these diets, but it worked! Since then I must admit whatever personal mutation of a Diet I now live on, it is far healthier than the way I used to eat.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

awb said...

Patrick - I can eat poorly with the best of them!


Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
Brilliant you lost so much weight, eating a vegetarian diet is good, lots of veg and fruit is excellent.
After awhile maybe add some fish, oily fish like mackerel, herring is good.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I too have MS and am starting the DAniel Fast tomorrow. Are you still on it? Did it work for you? It os kind of like doing the Swank diet - with restrictions! Hope I can do it!