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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weight Lose and Volunteering At The Mens Shelter

Good weekend, didn't do anything, but it was nice. The wife was in New York yesterday so I was a lone wolf. Moved some of the house plants around so I get to them for their care, the family doesn't get the concept of plants needing water! Made some of my food for the next few days, still on Atkins, lost about 30 lbs so far, still a long way to go. Found out Sunday at church that I will be doing the graveyard shift at the Eastern mens shelter, maybe 2 days next week, I'm looking forward to it. I'm all set for a good week, see what I can get it to this time!


wonlife said...

i did atkins, against the advice of my doctor and a nutritionist, lost quite a bit of weight. then i got pneumonia, so got off the diet, then the whole MS deal reared it ugly head. that was in 2003. did the atkins make me more open to the pneumonia? i believe the pneumonia triggered the MS - woke the sleeping beast, but whether or not the atkins had anything to do with it, i don't know.

awb said...

Won - Good point, I've always wondered what my trigger was? Already have MS, so that won't happen, I think mine was mono at an early age, like 8 or 9.