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Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Night At The Men's Shelter, Wish Me Luck

Go tonight to volunteer at the homeless shelter, excited about it actually. Don't know what to expect, it's our churches first turn, so I'm the test case. As far as I know my duties will be pretty simple, there is a paid county worker that's going to be there, not sure what my roll will be? The men will have been fed by the time I get there, our pastor said they go to bed at 10, not sure if it's a lights by then. I will have more info come tomorrow, hope everything works out, this is the only shelter on the east side of town, and it's a big town!


BarMc said...

Hope the volunteering evening went well, what a lovely think to do for the homeless :)

awb said...

Bar - Thanks, it was very nice, I look forward to the next time!