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Friday, November 12, 2010

Delawning Plant Selections and Chickens and Rabbits and Fish, Oh My

Played with the idea of delawning my yard last night, looked up all kinds of stuff. Trying to see what plants I would use to accomplish this feet, trying to stick to all Maryland native plants. Looking for native ground covers that are succulents and thrive in full sun, starting to think they don't exist. I want something that my chickens can run around in, and occasionally my rabbits, and no I don't have either of the critters yet. I'm giving the wife a break by no pursuing the Tilapia aquaculture at this point, but just at this point!


Anne said...

Two words: Koi pond

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes Anne has a great idea, but I had some maintenance with a pond....back in the day. Chickens and rabbits both sound nice too???

Muffie said...

Sorry -- I'm siding with your wife! Grass looks nice on lawns. We have both on our block -- grass and full plants -- I prefer the former.
(BTW -- nice job on the website. I'd place an order, but I already make my own. Sorry.)

awb said...

Anne - I'm thinking aguaponics and rainbow trout!

Kim - I'm working on the chickens still!

Muff - I'm going to loose the battle with the front yard, but I think I'll be able to salvage the back?


mdmhvonpa said...

So, winter is on and my flock is down to 4 eggs a day now ...

Ron Mylar said...

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