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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Starting A Community Garden At Church, Any Ideas?

I gave my spiel about a community garden at church today, a lot of head shaking, good idea lad, and why didn't bring this up befores. As a result they also put me in charge of making it happen, church people! I had it all worked out, on paper anyways, how much space, how much money, and how much we could glean from it, 10x10 feet, under $50, and a little over 100 lbs of food for the needy. One guy in particular is interested, I see him all the time, gave us a reason to talk, already seeing a benefit I am. One of the scout masters said the scouts are available for work, I'm sure they will appreciate that. I'm a better indian than I am chief, but here goes nothing!


Anonymous said...

We have several community gardens here in my area and the food goes to "Mary's Cupboard" which gives out food to anyone who is in need.

Good Job Andy!

awb said...

Anne - Thanks, been wanting to do this for a while, had the opportunity so I did!