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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Female Hiker Released...So What, and Acupuncture a Bust

Saw that the American woman being held in Iran was released today, and that's good, but what was she doing there? I'll usually will be the first one to tell you I don't know what I'm talking about, probably don't here, but why was she "hiking" in a country we are at war with? She was hiking in a war zone, along the border with Iran? How much money has been spent trying to fix her freedom of choice mistake, and is she going to be responsible for paying it back. Hope the 2 guys get freed as well, but not if my kids have to go there to make it happen.

Think I might be done with acupuncture? It doesn't appear to be doing that much for me, not on a long term basis anyway. It doesn't hurt, it's rather relaxing, but it isn't worth the money or the time since it doesn't last. The wife won't let me go by myself, so each time she is going too, and we only have 6 visits left that are covered by insurance. Biggest thing is I have to sit and take it easy the day I have it, and then it hurts the next day anyway.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I can see your point, do not hike even near a country, we are at war with!
Do understand if you feel like it is not working, acupuncture

Diane J Standiford said...

LOL, I only caught bites of the story too, BUT, OK, I'm going to have fun with my friends, let's see, I KNOW! Let's all climb a mountain right near Iran! YEA! FUN! Seriously? If I were an Iranian I would think spies too. "We were just rock climbing." Sounds as stupid as it was. What? No shopping trip to Baghdad?

awb said...

It's like the French vacationing in Vietnam during that war, crazy man, just crazy. They didn't make their reservations at the Basra Motel 6!