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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Great Friends, Insurance Runaround, and Visiting Family

Nice day today, even though I was feeling a little off. The wife went to church without me today, I stayed in bed. The minister asked for me by name, it's like I was called out for detention! We had people over for dinner, I was absolutely no help at all. The wife make a killer meal, all from scratch, and I sat and caught up with 2 dear friends, so all in all a good day. Oh yeah, got a picture of my hummingbird, but not a great one yet, but I got him.

Go tomorrow to the doctors, have to have my nutsy pills straightened out. I take 90 mg of Cymbalta once a day, but the insurance company says the therapeutic dose is only 60 mg. My doc is out for back surgery so I have to see her partner for him to write a justification letter to the insurance company. Either way you look at it I have to pay my copay for the insurance company to be happy. For me to be happy I'm going to have the partner check me out from head to toe. If I gots to pay for it, it going to gets me moneys worth!

We go on a trip this coming weekend, visiting family up in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Spending a couple days with the wife's family first, a couple aunts and an uncle and all her cousins, always a nice trip. Swing back down to my aunt and uncle and cousins, also always a nice trip. It's nice to get away, though will pay the price for being out amongst the humans, but hey, you only live one, you have to see the things and people that make you feel good.


Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
Your Sunday sounded good, hope the visit to the doctor's is too.
Have fun visiting your families.

awb said...

Herrad - It was, the entire weekend was aces!


Stuff could always be worse said...

Always good to spend time with family and friends!