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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wheelchair Carrier, Wheelchair Access, and Some Free Time

Have to figure out how to transport my new chair. A friend lent me a set of ramps, another has a set he is giving me, but they aren't the easiest to use. I'm curious how the ones that fit into a trailer hitch are? I think that one is more for cargo, but this one is for a chair, just don't know how much weight it holds. This one for sure will hold it, it even looks like a better choice, just need to add a hitch to the truck.

Took the chair out the other day, met a few friends from high school, they were walking over at the track. The track has a fence around it and guess what, I couldn't get in! Come on, I go out one time, the first time, and I can't get in! I'm tired of the man always holding me back. I'm going to fire off a strongly worded email to the high school, telling them they need to allow me access to the track. Doubt it will do much, I couldn't get them to unlock the bathrooms so it wasn't such a long walk.

The wife and I are finding we have a lot of time on our hands. Both kids are working, both, I know, so they aren't home much. The boy graduates Friday, we are elated! We, OK, the wife, finds herself with some spare time, it's new territory, or least a place we haven't been for a long time. It's nice, the kids look happy, the wife looks happy, and I am happy.


Cathy said...

Depending on your vehicle you should look into a wheelcair hoist.
My wheelchair, when I used it, weighed close to 300lbs. My hubby, an automotive engineer, designed a wonderful hoist with parts from everywhere that he hospital came to our house to take a look at it. He can help you if you with ideas. Cathy

awb said...

Cathy - Thanks, when I figure out what I'm doing I may have some questions?