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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Staples Out Today, and The Boy Turned 18

Got my staples taken out today, they did everything but collate me! The young physicians assistant, who was excellent, told me to bend over and he'd take care of me. Forgot for a minute where I was! While I was worrying about how much it would hurt, and whether they were going to knock me out, he was finished. Told me I was doing great, incision looks good, offered me more drugs, and told me to take it easy for a few more weeks.

The wife is in crisis, or a panic, or something she doesn't like. Her baby, the boy, turned 18 yesterday, on St. Patrick's day. She had him on that day to keep me out of bars, knowing I'd be home because of that. Not sure if I'll ever forgive her for that, or him for that matter, damn inconsiderate if you ask me. I told her just think how her mother must feel, she's her baby, and she's almost 50! I'm hoping the swelling goes down soon.

Here's where he spends all his time, pretty good at it too!


Anne said...

Glad to read you are doing better.

Gee, that kid of yours is good!

awb said...

Anne - He takes after his mother.

Slammermike said...

So did he use a desk top staple remover? Now you just have to take time to heal. Just relax and take it easy. Trust me I'm a trained professional in that field.

Libby said...

your boy is good! i used to love bowling!!
& i'm glad your staples are out! was your wife there, holkding youur hand while he took them out? lol!