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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Blizzards in Three Days, Kids Routines Interrupted, and My Wife Is The Greatest

This was the end of cleanup #1.

The boy in typical snow attire.

The wife making snow removal look good!

The girl in her wild child garb.

And this is round 2! 2 all out blizzards in 3 days, crazy man. Baltimore is at a standstill. Schools are closed, government is closed, no trash pick up, Dunkin Donuts was closed for Pete's sake! People have had it, enough is enough. The old snow record was 62.5", this year so far we are at 77.3", and we ain't done yet. My crew is cheering on spring.

The boy is going crazy, definitely the most time he's spent home in the last 5 years. Can't figure out why the lanes are closed, he would walk in this mess to bowl. He keeps telling me how much money they are losing, he takes that personally. The girl has a rollerskating show coming up in March, 200 kids, just like the ice capades, and they aren't able to have practices. She is in a panic, thinks it's going to be her fault it snowed. Neither of the kids got my, ah screw it attitude when it comes to work, probably a good thing.

The wife has been pulling double duty, cooking, cleaning, and her new role as shovel queen. I guess that's more than double, but you get it, she is just that good. She never complains, always has sunshine blasting out of her a... she always cheery. This has her down a bit, mainly because this was always mine. Not because it's a mans job, rather because I love it. I would sit out in this weather, just can't anymore, and that gets us both down. She's dealing with it better than me, she's upstairs picking out her outfit for tomorrow!


Slammermike said...

This snow is crazy. I know what you mean. I can't go out and play and Karen is stuck with all the snow choirs.We got over 2 feet today in top of the 30 inches we had dumped over the weekend.

awb said...

I know Slammer, it ain't easy bein us!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I love the way, your wife is....sorry for the snow!

awb said...

Kim - She's a hoot! The snow is great, just wish I could play.


Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
Theinking of you all, hope the snow goes soon.
Keep warm.
Love Herrad

awb said...

Herrad - Thanks, thinking of you and Richie as well.


OM said...

My wife is eight months pregnant, so the shoveling was all me. Well, you know, it doesn't even hurt that much after 3 hours of digging.

awb said...

OM - That's what I told her, it's only 3 hours, suck it up!