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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Pros in the Olympics, Road Trip Tomorrow, and My Old Man is an Old Man

Remember when the US Olympic team beat the big red machine that was the USSR? That was 30 years ago, I was getting ready to graduate from high school, it was a great time. The big thing about it was we were all amateurs, they weren't. If I remember correctly they, the Soviets, were all in the army, assigned to their hockey battalion, we were all college and amateurs? Canada is playing Norway tonight. NhL count, Canada all of them, Norway 0, zip, Nada. I have to cheer for the underdog, even though I already know they got crushed.

I'm going out of the house tomorrow, don't care where it is we go, it won't be here. We have met up a couple of times at Costco warehouse store, huge slices of pizza for a buck and change, or Mammoth grinders with a soda and chips for $1.59. I don't care, I won't be here, in my recliner, thanks pal. We may be making a run to gamble sometime soon, waiting to see what the back does.

The father is 75 years old tomorrow, way to go dad. He may be the oldest member of his family, ever. The grandmother would have been 100 the day after, the 18th. Miss her, often try to imagine if she would have stayed the pip I knew her to be, I think so. Not making down for the fathers birthday, I will drop another notch on the totem pole, but I think he knows I want to be there. We will send down our gift wait to hear what the sister sent, tell her we sent the same thing just to weird her out. Anyway, we all love you dad, enjoy your day.


Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
Hope you are out just now having a good time.
Keep warm.

InsaneBaltimroe said...

We should try to get the Soviet Union back in power, just so people like me would watch this strange game. The disk is so small, I can never see what's going on. It's like a bunch of school kids playing soccer. There's a pile up above the ball, and suddenly you realize one of the kids has the ball on the other side of the field.

awb said...

Herrad - Thanks, I was out to lunch, literally!

Insane - I used to love going down to the civic center, watching the Baltimore Bandits.


Slammermike said...

I enjoyed the Clippers before the Bandits. I'll never forget the night we all went and Jake got to meet some of the players and if I remember correctly he got a stick also. Then on the light rail ride home he learned the famous magic trick.

I can't believe that it has been 30 years since the miracle on ice. That has to be one of the best sports moments in history. The entire country was caught up in it. USA USA USA USA USA!!!!