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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Dental Woes, Back Pain is Back, and Olympic Announcers Uber Critical

I'm on the warpath, not very happy. Had a root canal in mid December, may have to have the tooth pulled, it has a crack in it. I wanted to tell him, hey doc, my ass has a crack in it, but I'm keeping that! How did the tooth go from needing a $1,200 root canal, to needing to be pulled in 2 months. Had a toothache for 3 months, be nice show him what it feels like. Told me I also need surgery to repair problems from having wisdom teeth pulled 20 years ago. Think I'll stop going to specialists.

Time to stop playing around with my back, the shots didn't work this time. The shots didn't work last time come to think of it. The docs are worried I won't be able to do the rehab if they do surgery, but who cares? I want it to stop hurting, what rehab, have they seen me walk when I feel good? There comes a time, I think, when you have to take control, tell them what is going to happen. We are there!

The announcers doing the Olympic curling are real pains! I sure hope they were all gold medalists, and world champions, because they sure have trashed the US team. Granted, they haven't done great this time, but how about being less of a know it all. I feel like I'm listening to some of the guys that do the football games, hate it!


Anonymous said...

You wrote: "There comes a time, I think, when you have to take control, tell them what is going to happen. We are there!"

Follow through - take control - tell them what you want to happen.

Go Andy!

awb said...

Anne - You are right, I never should have agreed to go to a specialist dentist, the get paid when they do their specialty.


Slammermike said...

You're right about those announcers. The one female was trashing the US Women's skip yesterday and her partner gently reminded her that Debbie the Skip was the only US woman to skip a world champion team by beating the announcer that was trashing her.
I think if the announcers had their way they wouldn't let our curling teams back in the country.

Diane J Standiford said...

I am blessed with good teeth, but partner had TWO root canals from HELL in 2 months, both ending in tooth being pulled anyway AND she had a freakin' HEART ATTACK in the one insane butcher's dental chair! AARRGGH I HEARD some of that play ny play, shameful!