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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PETA Helping Phil, Acupuncture Covered By Insurance, and Botox For MS

PETA came out against Groundhog Day, is there nothing sacred? Puxatony Phil is a rock star! Seems the good folks at PETA have decided Phil is being exploited, and it hard on his nervous system. They have asked if it were possible to use a robotic Phil, see if he could see his shadow. The mayor said these people heave to be kidding, Phil is treated better than most child in Pennsylvania!

Found out today not only does my health plan support acupuncture, they pay 100%! That caught me off guard, thought they would put it in the not enough studies done tray. The wife works at a pain management place, the one doctor gathered all the info for her, even gave a name of who he would see. He's a good guy, even for a doc, but there is another reason to trust his direction and advice, his sister is a card carrying member of the MS club.

Do I read this right, Botox injections could help with the spasticity in my lower legs? It looks like my insurance company also pays for that. I'm starting to think that $82 a month I pay for family health insurance with united health care may have been a good idea. In all seriousness, my heart goes out to people who aren't fortunate enough to have coverage. To research docs, keep up the good work, I'm pullin for ya!


Anonymous said...

I love Groundhog's Day. My husband and I celebrate it instead of Valentine's Day. The roses are cheaper and we can have dinner anywhere we want.

PETA be damned.


Cranky said...

Andy - Botox definitely is used as therapy for leg spasticity. Skip was all set to do it but that's been put on hold due to her hospitalization/bed therapy. As I understand it, the Botox is injected in many spots in the muscle. It's a temporary fix, and needs to be repeated every 2-3 months, I believe.

And the PETA thing is a joke on your part, right?

awb said...

Linda - We usually go to the beach with a group of people for VD, good times!

(The above VD was Valentines Day!)

Cranky - I found the botox thing very interesting. I also could handle the 2-3 month part too. Hopefully that will be something for both Skip, and me, when the time is right.
I also added the link to the original post.


Slammermike said...

The beach is a Blast. I wish we could go this year,but....

awb said...

Slammer - We are going to have to skip this year too. I wish you old guys had told me when I started working that getting older was no picnic!


Slammermike said...

Damn, I sorry to hear that you are out too. It is always such a good time.

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