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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Movie Day, Cooking For The In Laws, and Does My Hand Feel Better

Movie day here in monsoon ridden Baltimore. Good day to stay home, for me at least. The wife took the boy 8 am this morning to Fort Meade for a bowling tournament. when she got home, ate lunch, and we watched the movie Julie, and Julia, very good. I forgot sometimes I wasn't watching Julia Child, well done. I still watch her show, get a real kick from it. I got a real kick from the subject of the movie, being a world famous blogger myself! Next up is My Life in Ruins.

We are trying to help my in laws with food preparation. We had done it on our own, just found out the mother in law's doctor suggested it to help her out. She is doing great, just having some problems with her short term memory. We are doubling up on recipes, a lot of soup, and casseroles, things that are easy to reheat. The girl even got into the act, made a chicken stew, it was delicious. One small thing to help out, the least can do, and I'm always willing to the least I can do!

Having a hard time figuring out if my right hand is feeling better, or if my left hand is getting worse? Really kind of hoping the right hand is getting better! It's a strange possibility that one hand feeling worse could give you the sense that you feel better. This has been a wild and crazy ride, don't know why any of it still surprises me, but it still does.