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Friday, May 22, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, More Raindrop, Idiot on Cell Phone, and the Boy's MRI

Just had another raindrop therapy, and damn does it feel good, but now it's time to flush my system with mega amounts of water. The wife did a great job with it again tonight, she may have a new career i her future. She too is flushing with lots of water tonight, we don't want another trip to the ER, if the raindrop and lack of flushing was to blame for the last one. I need to find out what the length of the therapy will be, but I like the rub down 2 times a week, so I'm in no hurry.

The boy had an MRI today, the nuero wanted one for comparison, it's been a long time since he had one. They are talking about possibly taking away his meds, he has been seizure free for quite a while, though we don't know for sure how long. He has what are known as partial complex seizures, he would become disoriented for half a minute or so. The story is like that old joke where the guy says the house burned down because of the sparks from the house! I love that joke, but anyway, we found out he had epilepsy, after he had a stroke, when they changed the medicine for his kidney decease! Don't know how we feel about them taking the meds away, it's a safety net.

I had something great happen today at the imaging center. There was this young guy,I'd say about 30, in the waiting area on his cell phone, a particular pet peeve of mine. Well someone on their cell phone is bad enough, but his momma must never have taught him to use his indoor voice. After his 5th phone call, one man in the room said come on, give us a break! The guy looked shocked, and asked what he meant? I said we had listened for an hour about how much his house cost, a woman said and how much you like fast food, another man added how hard the test he took at work was, especially question #5. The best part came when the little old woman added he should be ashamed of himself for talking about his aunt the way he does, but taking her money to refinance his house. It was a hoot!


Cranky said...

Andy - glad the raindrop therapy is making you feel great. I can understand if your son has epilepsy and isn't having seizures now that you'd be reluctant to change medications. Why fix what isn't broken?

Your story about the cell phone user is a hoot. Some people have no clue. One time, I was buying something at a convenience store and the clerk was chattering away on his cell phone. I'm a bad person ... I made him hang up.

Anonymous said...

Good one about the cellphone user.

When people are loud talkers on their cell phone in confined space (space where I am confined WITH them!!), after their conversation is over, I make it a point of picking out one thing they had to say and play on it.

While waiting in line for Best Buy to open on a Sunday morning for a big sale, there was a guy talking on his cellphone about a new girl he was being fixed up with that night at 8PM at a bar by his friends. He didn't know her and only had hair, height, and eye info and that his friend said she was cute. He speculated all kinds of crazy on what "cute" was going to turn out to be.

At the end of his conversation, he said he hoped she wasn't a dog, that he was going to show up an hour before, get a look at her when she walked in carrying a green Prada handbag and if he didn't care for what he saw, he was going to leave.

So, as sassy as you please, I said "Don't bother showing up at all." He asked why and I told him that he has just met his blind date and I was not going to show up at all.

The people around us were laughing, some patted my shoulder saying "nice going" and the guy just stood there flabbergasted. He didn't know whether to believe me or not.

I wonder if he ever showed up at the bar that night.


People should learn manners when talking on cellphones. We do not need to be part of their conversation and they have no idea how much of their "personal information" they are giving out. Guess they are not worried about identity theft.

Glad things are working out with Raindrop therapy.

awb said...

I was just so glad it wasn't just me with the phone guy, there's hope yet for humanity!

Libby said...

andy, that's a great story about the cellphone! & i loved anne's story too!

awb said...


Right thinking people shall take over once more!!!!