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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, A Perry Hall Mini Reunion, and Purging the Epstein Barr

I went out last night with a group of people that I went to school with. Most of them I had gone through both Junior High and High school with, and some of them, most actually, went all the way from 1st grade. It was a real mix, but it was also a good mix. It was fairly impromptu, but I think it made it all the better. I suppose there were about 20 people in all, we all hooked up on facebook. It was really nice to see everyone, hear everyone's stories, a few I remembered differently from the way they were told, but really nice to hear just the same. I hope we have the opportunity to do it again, it would be nice to include a few of the people who weren't able to attend.

One of the girls there last night from school practices natural medicine, message therapy, along with aroma therapy. We talked briefly about it, I have been interested in at least finding more information on what is offered, what better place than from someone I know? I figured if I would try Chemotherapy, I should be open to to just about anything. She asked me an interesting question, one I have been intrigued with for a while, if I ever had the Epstein Barr virus in the form of mononucleosis, or was it just if I had the virus? The mother ask about this years ago, but the neuros don't think there is any value to it, so there is never a straight answer. I plan on talking to my friend, and depending on what is involved, pursuing this to purge my body of the Epstein Barr.


Libby said...

andy, i've wondered about this for years! because most of the ms people i know, especially locally, have all had mono! i had it when i was in the hospital when i was in 9th grade with pneumonia!

awb said...

Yeah Libby, it's been a point of interest for me too. I,m hoping to get her to post a response here so everyone can see what she theorizes about the situation. Sounds interesting, and it makes sense.