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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Bioness On the Job, AFO Issues, and Shopping Date Night

Bioness contacted me yesterday by email. At first I thought it was just a procedural thing, they were thanking me for shopping team Bioness, or asking me if I wanted to purchase a Bioness T-shirt or something. Then I got to the part where I saw they had read on my blog that I wasn't completely satisfied with the some parts of the stimulator, and I got a little creeped out. After looking for hidden cameras for about an hour, I realized they had probably Googled themselves and found my blog that way. I am waiting to see if they contact me tomorrow, I imagine they will.

I go to the limb clinic at the hospital tomorrow, I want to have the new AFO brace fixed. They told me I needed to go downtown to have it fixed, I told them no, they were able to take the insurance companies money at the clinic, they should be able to fix their mistake there too. I am also going to tell them I don't want to pay the $20 co-pay tomorrow or the next time. I wouldn't be there if they done it right the second time, so we shall see if I drop from #1 favorite patient status.

We, me and the wife, are going on a date tomorrow to the grocery stores. I make up a list, check it twice, then we go make the rounds to the local stores. We are eating better, so the list doesn't include any of the crap we shouldn't have, or want! Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, or frozen of each. A friend asked me yesterday if I liked persimmons, I don't know that I ever had one? I need to figure out when all the local food comes in so we can load up on it. I can't wait to go out tomorrow, it's always fun with my baby.


Cathy said...

keep us posted on the Bioness thing. I read your blog and I sometimes have pain with my Bioness also. I think I am ultra sensitive to some things. Most of the time it is very relaxing. If I have it in the training mode I can actually fall asleep with it on.

awb said...

Will do Cathy, I'm hoping to hear from them today. The pain I'm having is like a band around the front of the ankle, strange.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Sounds like our dates, just ordinary life, it is great though.

Libby said...

good luck with shopping!! & stay out of the candy aisle!!

awb said...

We had a blast! It is just ordinary life, but I like it! I think Libby just told me I was fat? No candy, indeed!