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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Another Bioness Issue, and Family, Both the Good and the Bad

I'm getting ready to make an appointment with the Bioness rep to talk about a problem with the stimulator. I'm having a fairly significant pain in a couple of places. The technicians moved the location of the electrodes because they thought they were too high. That was before they realized the electrodes were on upside down, so my confidence level isn't at an all time high. The 2 techs I see couldn't be nicer, both look like they are a couple years out of elementary school! If I don't get some better answers this time, I may have to go to another facility, I'm not sure I'm buying this is the way it should work.

The parents are blowing into town tomorrow. They have been on a visit to VA to see family and friends from when they lived down there. Obviously the family they are visiting was family before they lived there, I just wanted to be clear on that. One of my Mother's cousins passed away last week, so the visit was both mini vacation,and family obligation. My mother's one aunt was also 100 on New Years Day, so that's enough of a reason to go down right there. It's the Northern Neck of VA, great fishing, but not much else there! The mother hasn't seen my new do, so that will be like the big reveal on Movie and a Makeover.

I'm going to utilize the energy my 74 year old father has for working in the yard, I'd probably do that even without the MS, it's fun watching him go! He's a little wisp of a man, 5'9 3/4 ( maybe 5'7?) and claims to still be 157 1/2 lbs, which is probably close. He is quitting smoking right now, not always pleasant to be around during those times. I think my one aunt told him to never come around again when he was trying. I kid about him, but I realize all of a sudden he isn't as much like the energizer bunny anymore. Still better then most his age, or me, but not as much as I am used to, and I want that to stop happening.


Lanette said...

Great Blog you have here! I found you via Joan. :-)

Enjoy your upcoming visit with family!

Cranky said...

Andy - sounds like your father and mine are similar. Until he was well into his 70s, my Dad could go and go and go. I'm sure it killed him in his mid-70s when he had to hire a handyman since he wasn't up to all the chores anymore.

Should be fun to have them visit, in spite of smoking-withdrawal crankiness.

awb said...

Cranky, We always do have fun, it's nice. He's not too cranky at this point, and if he is, my mom will take care of it!

Lanette, thanks for stopping in, glad you enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Take it easy on your Dad, or your family may have another funeral obligation!

Seriously though.


PS I don't want to be reading about you in the newspaper when I get home from cruise - MSer causes Dad to fall into garden to his death in 90 degree heat.

awb said...

don't worry, I will be there with words of encouragement and the hose to spray him down if he gets too hot. I figure it is the least I could do, and I'm always willing to do the least I can!


p.s. Anchors away, or chips ahoy! Have fun.

Stuff could always be worse said...

My 70 year old dad is the opposite, I wish he would be more active then he might feel better. Hope you get your van rescued, I do know the feeling. Great Blog.