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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, New Side Porch, and Vitamin D Success

The next door neighbor and his son are here putting a new side porch on, didn't figure on the neighbor working when we hired the son! The are almost finished already, the steps and the railing are all that are left, and if need be at some point, access can be added at the back in the form of a ramp. The old metal porch was our early warning system, you could not walk on it without making noise! Nice wide wooden steps, hidden behind the Acuba bush, times like this I wish I still smoked! It will be nice to have it done, one less thing on my list.

The daughter and I went to one of the cousins surprise 40th birthday parties last night. It was nice to see everyone, her parents included, I thought they had possibly been taken hostage some years ago, hadn't seen them in forever! Talked with a man there that was curious about the stimulator, he being in the exclusive MS club, having been diagnosed late last century, and having had 2 exacerbation's, and then total remission. This fellow is convinced his success has to do with not only his intake of oral vitamin D, but also his daily exposure to the sunlight form too. I was happy to hear that some people are able to have this be only a minor inconvenience, but also reminded me that some people with MS aren't as lucky as I have been.


Libby said...

isn't it amazing, how people with ms seem to run the gamut from 'mild annoyance' to 'total disability'?

awb said...

I've been referred to as mildly annoying!

Libby said...

lolol!! ALL cool people have been!!

awb said...

OK, I admit it, if you ask the right people, I'm totally annoying!

Slammermike said...

You!?!?!?!? Totally annoying?!?! NFW

Congrats on the new side porch