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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Electrical Therapy, Vision Problems, and Parents and Their Poison Crab Cakes

Who out there knows anything about the Russian protocol used by it's athlete's to train their muscles with electricity? Sounds kind of crazy, but it is something they did to gain an advantage. I had a person respond here the other day about the stim I am getting who has done exactly the same thing for herself to counteract her MS. Have you ever had physical therapy where they ran the probe over the injured area and it tingled? This is the same principle, but a little more intense, a little more frequent, and by the sounds of her results, a little more beneficial. I will look more into it and see what I can figure out.

The parents were supposed come up today for a visit, but it seems they ate some bad crab cakes on the eastern shore that made them sick. That's what they get for moving away from our ancestral home! OK, I wouldn't call it that, but it was just up the street! Really, if I look out the back window, or stand in the front yard, I can see the house we moved into in the mid 70's. I think they are still coming tomorrow, the father has a boy's club gathering to play cards, so he will be here if he is death sucking on a life savor. The mother I'm not sure of, but she better come, I vacuumed and everything!

I have had too much excitement the past few days, that or I'm stressed out. I'm kind of sorta not seeing things out of the left eye too well, really throws me off my stride. Starts out feeling like I have something in my eye, then it goes from there. It gets hard to focus, then if I change what I'm looking at abruptly, swish, it's gone altogether. It doesn't stay gone, but it is annoying as hell to have it flash in and out all day. I did all the things I need to do when it happens, rested, chanted, and burned incense. OK, I rested, here's to hoping it only lasts a few days and it doesn't get any worse.



Hey, do you have new results for your Vitamin D levels? I did and my total D levels are up to 44 ng/mL. That's pretty amazing I think since they started at 7.8 ng/mL. Been taking the green gelcaps (D2) weekly and 2000UL (D3) OTC supplements daily. Just curious to see what you've worked so far.

Anonymous said... - Dr. went from secondary progressive ms and a wheelchair to riding her bike 18 miles. She used Russian Stim, diet and supplements. Check out her site. She is putting together a clinical trial.

awb said...

Lisa, I am due blood work in 2 weeks, I hope I have as much luck as you. Do you feel a benefit from it?


I do feel better. My bones don't ache like they had been. I actually have less tingling than before (may not be related though.) I have less fatigue, too.

Will be curious about your results.

Slammermike said...

Looks like a lot of good things out there with the stim.

Did your parents make it up???