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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Vitamin D Therapy, and Surgery

I had the surgery to remove the port from my chest left over from chemotherapy and it was a piece of cake. They checked my oil, rotated my tires, and washed my windows, and did it all at record speed. I was finished before I knew it, not even having time to get a good whine started. The nurses, the doctors and even the candy strippers were excellent! My candy stripper was a 40 year old guy named Darrel who was a body builder! I can't catch a brake! The doctor told me to take it easy and I'd be back to normal, what a horrible thought!

I took my second dose of vitamin D on Thursday, all 50,000 units. They told me in the hospital that they weren't mg, 50,000 of those would kill me! I think 50,000 of these are killing me! I am having all kinds of unusual things going on. I have numbness like I haven't experienced in many years. It's hard to gauge if it is a sensation of more, or less feeling? I'll tell ya what it is, it's a dead feeling! I'm having problems with things like manipulating a fork, a tooth brush, all of those little things.

Thanks to everyone who inquired how I made out under the knife, and thanks to everyone who checks on how I feel day to day too. I need to start feeling better, this has gotten old. I have things I want to do, and this MS crap gets in the way. I'm hoping the D will do its job, and give me the opportunity get back in the game a little bit, this sitting on the bench sucks! I'm getting ready to start drilling my cans for my solar heater, I need to feel better so we can go off the grid! I even have a house picked out when the time comes, just need to feel good.


Slammermike said...

I'm glad all went well and you are back blogging again.
You just have to stay upbeat. Here ia some advice I heard from a pre-med student he said and I quote, " My advice to you is to start drinking. Heavily!!" He's pre-med you got to trust him.

awb said...

Premed, I thought he was prelaw?