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Thursday, September 4, 2008

MS And The Modified Swank Diet, Day 2

Treadmill or exercise bike? Both are good choices, it's this squinky leg I'm trying to figure out. I know exercise is important, but I have to change what I have ingrained in my mind as exercise. I was never a huge fan of working out. I can remember the mandatory 30 minute runs during lacrosse season. I would cut down through the woods to a friends house for a smoke and something to eat, returning just as everyone else finished. Now the possibility of a vigorous 30 minute run is impossible. I need to except that maybe 3 minutes, 5 times a day is what I need? Anymore than that and things start to shut down, defeating the purpose.

What to eat isn't the problem with the Swank shtick, It's what not to eat. Boredom is my worse enemy when it comes to food. People not on my schedule have no idea what my days consist of. People try to make me feel better by telling me it's good, I can just take it easy, go at my own pace. Go where? I'm home, all day, everyday. It gets old, and it gets old fast! 11 years into it I thought I had my weight under control. Instead of filling my face with food, sit in my special spot outside and smoke. Plan change, that's not good for me either, so I'm smoke free, but food took its place. Snacking has become public enemy #1. Pretzels, chips, popcorn, and everything else you can think of are bad for anyone in vast quantities.

So my breakfast of a multi grain English muffin with a little jam and an apple was fine. So was the tomato sammich and plum I had for lunch. The problem comes in the time in between. That's the time I have to guard against grabbing a snack, or 2, or 3. Right now I have the goal of my niece's wedding in October, so I have something to shoot for. It would be nice to wear a suit to the wedding, not a moomoo and a fat guy hat! Dinner tonight is going to be a piece of boneless chicken breast, black beans and rice, and some steamed cabbage, with a homemade hot pepper vinegar. Good eats. My scale is still broken, it still says 300 with a groan!


Anonymous said...

You are my hero!!!

Slammermike said...

I can't begin to imagine what you are experiencing. It is so contrary to how your life was before MS.
I do know the kind of person you are. You are a person with unconditional loyalty to your family, friends and community. You are always strong enough to do the right thing and stand strong with your friends even if it is not the most popular or easiest thing to do.
Your friends and family admire and respect all you have done and stand for. This is evidenced by the fact that you have been retired for 11 years yet you are still held in high regard and looked upon as a leader by co-workers and people high up in local, state and federal political offices. Anytime that I am with an elected official they ask how you are doing.

Think about that for a minute.
You retired from that arena 11 years ago yet they still ALWAYS ask for you. That shows the impact you had and the high esteem in which you are held. That is a tribute to your string character. That can't be taken away from you because that is who you are. You are strong enough smart enough and passionate enough to take this on. And remember those family and friends are always there for you.

awb said...

Thanks, you guys have kept me in the game. Words could never do, not even telling that you look like a piss boy! Work, work, work!

Slammermike said...

....And you look like a bucket of shit

Hello boys did you miss me

awb said...

Ah, the classics never get old!