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Saturday, August 23, 2008

You Have To Try Fiesta Mexicana

Do your tastes change as you get older? I have always like just about anything. Yes, guacamole eggs and chocolate milk is still one of my favs for breakfast. I do find that the older I get, the more I appreciate really good food, as opposed to just different food. We were sitting around the house today, just me and my baby, the boy was at work and the girl moved back into the dorm today, trying to figure out what to do next? I said I had found a pretty good blog about local food and that we should see what was available that we hadn't tried. We were going to go to Sam's club to look around, and do one of my fav things, people watch.

We saw a review of what looked like a good Mexican restuarant, and it was in the right direction, so off we went. The name of the place is Fiesta Mexicana, 8304 Philadelphia Road Rosedale, Md. It was everything we read it was and more. Parking is interesting and we were past the dinner rush, so I bet at rush times it's a blast to park. It's just an old storefront on Rt. 7, but you don't need anymore then that. There was a table outside with an umbrella, and a woman standing at a BBQ grill cooking chicken that made me want to reach in and take a piece! The chef, I think she is the owner, welcomed us and said the menu was on the counter, and it was, on the counter under glass.

She followed us in and explained what we were in for. Taco Bell this aint! We got a Pambazos, I think I'm in love with food! It's a spiced roll that's fried, then stuffed with potatoes, sausage, lettuce and creme fresh. Swish! We also got Sopes with chicken and beef, and Flautas with chicken and Chorizo sausage. They gave us 2 different salsas, one green, the other red. They were both different, but equally delicious!

We don't go for fast food much anymore, it seems to have lost its appeal. I would rather not go out as often and really enjoy it when we do. We really enjoyed it tonight! The place was clean, bright and cheery. The people working really seemed glad we were there. They were cheerful and full of smiles, it was nice. The food was outstanding, the wife said she felt like she was in Mexico City! The sodas were served in glass returnable bottles, a nice touch. We are looking forward to going back and trying the rest of the menu, and another Pambazos!

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Anonymous said...

You surely must have come from an adventurous family. They must have eaten all kinds of interesting dishes. My husband will eat anything as long as it is meat and potatoes. Tough to teach children the delights of other ethnic food when the father won't. his idea of foreign foods is without ketchup.Next time we get to Baltimore I want to try this place. he can probably get something . Or not.