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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baltimore's MTA Tries To Stop The Violence

The MTA is offering public service announcements and undercover officers on buses in order to make bus travel safer, 3 cheers for the MTA! This is being done because of the violence on city buses earlier in the year. I brought it up before, the MTA must have read it and taken action. Why are they doing this now? Are the prisons letting out a lot of bad guys and they are anticipating a problem? Are a bunch of these horrible illegal aliens I keep hearing about, you know, the ones you always see working, waging war on our mass transit? Of course not that's just silly. This is being done because school is getting ready to start and they have to brace for the little darlings riding to school! Whaaaa?

My wife rode the MTA to school everyday in Baltimore City. She talks about it when we get together with her posse from the old school days, or when she is trying to make the kids feel bad about how easy they have it. I don't seem to recall stories of her and the other kids beating people up just for shits and giggles. Why is it a problem now? Aren't the parents involved? can't the Principal make them behave? Where have the school safeties gone? Is there no order?!?! There must not be on the MTA buses.

My son has to swipe a card when he goes into school in the mornings. No more roll calls or attendance. Why couldn't they put those on buses? How about retinal scans and thumb print scanners? How about we send limos for these little thugs? I have to admit, I've never been on a public bus, or even been in a cab. I do know that people who do ride the buses on a regular basis shouldn't have to put up with these young animals, running in packs like wild dogs. It's also not right that tax payers have to pay for the extra measures in hopes of people feeling safe in public.

Does the MTA really think these kids are going to see a public service announcement and say, "Darn, I didn't realize I was causing a problem, I really should rethink my actions?" It's insulting that they even consider it an option. We are losing control of civilized society people. It's time to take action, or get off the pot. This, and many other things have to stop. Why are we pussy footing around? Do we like living this way? Do they like living that way? I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not interested in raising someone Else's kids. Stand up and do the tough part about being a parent, be responsible for what you have created, both literally and figuratively.


Slammermike said...

Those Public Service Announcements are a joke! I'd bet they are funded through some federal grant. That way the MTA can show they are making a good faith effort to enhance safety on public transportation.

Earlier in the summer MTA had a big fair for the kids. There were gifts, prizes and free food and drinks. They had contracts that the kids happily signed to get their free loot. The contract was a promise not to misbehave while riding public transportation.

I don't know if those contracts are binding (I doubt it since they were signed by minors). I wonder if the MTA is keeping the contracts on file.

If they are on file are the little angels under contract to behave and not hit, kick, spit upon, stab, shoot, rob, sexually assault etc.,exposed not only to criminal charges can they also be charged with breach of contract? Can the MTA sue them for taking the ice cream and gifts under false pretenses? Can they collect damages? Is there a clause allowing for parental liability?

Of course these trials would probably be held in front a city jury, so like it was stated in your blog on 8-18 about the Abell Report they probably won't suffer any penalty.

awb said...

We need to do something? I have to believe there are more people in our community, regardless of race, that are fed up with this garbage then participate in it. I'm also sick of the idea that we reward people for doing what is expected of us all.