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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

$1 Crabs In Baltimore County

If it's Tuesday night in Perry Hall, it's $1 crab night at Bill's Seafood! We have gone all over the area and Bill's has the best $1 crabs. It's take out only, but it's worth the trip up the street to get them, the entire mile! We like getting a mix of male and females. I prefer eating them at home anyway, no tipping or bad service. A soda is .25 and a beer for my alcohol swilling wife is .50! I can listen to my kind of music, and there are no annoying drunks, unless my baby has too many .50ers!

We usually throw in a couple different kinds of salad, potato for me, macaroni for her, and some crab soup. Bill has always had really good cream of crab soup. I don't know about anyone else, but I have to have something sweet after having crabs. Bill has some things, but he doesn't have my favorite. I have asked him over and over again, but still no Berger cookies! It's a nice treat for a relatively small price, and to top it off, tomorrow is trash day so the shells are only here over night!


Slammermike said...

Now I thought that when you said that you liked something sweet after having crabs you were talking about your wife.

Anonymous said...

That Slammer Mike's a really smart guy!!

awb said...

He's the smarterest guy I know!

Slammermike said...

You guys just need to find some smarter friends. :-)