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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why Aren't Uniforms Uniform for Pro Athletes?

My son gets a kick out of watching ESPN Classic when they show basketball games from the late 1970's. He makes fun of all the guys in their short shorts. He told me not too long ago that they looked like dweebs, and they all looked the same! They all looked the same? Wait a minute, I happen to like the shorts the fall mid thigh, not mid calf, and I have pictures to prove it! But they all looked the same, like uniform in appearance. Isn't that the idea? Must not be anymore.

I was watching the Oriole game last night, great comeback! I noticed some players had baseball pants on with baseball socks, the stirrup ones over white tube socks. Others had straight leg, almost Capri pants, all the way down to the top of the shoes. Still a few had Bonds type trousers that almost cover their shoes! We had short sleeves, long sleeves, and you guessed it, sleeves that came to the middle of the forearm. They all wear different shoes, and they must all have jewelry contracts! What's up with the dirty helmets? Is it bad luck to have a clean helmet? I sure hope dirty shirts aren't good luck! Did anyone else want to go down to the Yard and snatch Rodney's hat off of his head and put it on straight? My wife had to hide my keys!

Basketball does it too. We have high socks, short socks, no socks. We have white socks, stripped socks, colored socks. What's up with the arm socks? Is that a brace, or something to cover up inappropriate tattoos? Bill Russell didn't need to cover anything up. You have guys wearing T-shirts, tank tops and body armor under their jerseys. (Or is it called under armor, I don't remember!) Shoes are what they design for Nike, and we have head band de jour!

Football has all the same issues. Blame it on "White shoes" Johnson. What are those rubber bands they wear around their biceps? I don't remember Butkis wearing them? I get so tired of seeing the players take their mouth piece out after every play and stick it in their face mask. Saw the one QB have to burn a timeout because he dropped his in the mud. That was a riot! Towels, leg pads, all of it optional. If I were an owner I'd insist they wore all the pads for what the investment is in them. Thin wrist bands, thick wrist bands, more of those damn rubber bands!

Do you remember how ominous it was when the Chicago bears came onto the field in their black uniforms, meaning black shoes too. Patrick Ewing changed the dress code for basketball with his T-shirt. Celtics used to look pretty good in their short shorts, and all the same color shoes. Call me old fashioned for thinking a uniform should be uniform, I'm funny that way. I wish a lot of things today could be more uniform. I think when they were the US was a happier place, it sure was safer. As for Fernando Rodney, I'm going to hot wire the car today if that damn hat isn't uniform over the doo rag!

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Slammermike said...

Again it is about the individual and not the team.

Namath had white shoes before Whiteshoes.

And YES I wanted to straighten that hat on Rodney's head. Of course if the truth be known he is probably wearing the hat like that to show his gang affiliation. I know the Crips wear their hats pointing one way and the Bloods wear their's twisted the other way. I don't know about MS13.