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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FEMA Toxic Trailers Anyone?

OK, let's beat this horse until it bleeds! We know the trailers the Feds bought after Katrina were trash. We can all agree on that, right? That is right, isn't it? People who used the trailers suffered all the same things as people who are suffering from formaldehyde exposure. So why can't we figure out who is to blame for it? There is no wonder we are in the shape we are in. The government has done 2 studies and each has come to a different conclusion. Whaaaa? Is it the same government?

The answer is no, it isn't the same. One was done by the Republicans, finding it was the feds fault for not having rules in place for how much formaldehyde was acceptable in a trailer before one would expect to get sick. Come again? OK, so the Republicans are saying the government has to take a bigger role in the manufacturing of products used by Americans, you know, just to make us safe. Is it less is more, or more is less when it comes to government involvement, who knows anymore.

Surely that means the Democrats have the answer, right? Well, kinda sorta, I think? They said it was the manufacturers fault. End of story. It seems they did interviews with employees of one of the places that built the trailers. The employees said they had all been sick, for a good while, and the smell of
formaldehyde hung heavy over the entire plant. So there you have it. 2 independent inquiries, 2 independent answers. What now?

We can't go back and have a do over. Let us just suppose we can combine the 2 findings. Say we decide to implement new, more stringent rules on the manufacturers of travel trailers. That's a good idea, right, I mean we don't want this to happen again. Let us further imagine that there is a way of holding the manufacturers liable for knowingly having sold not just anyone, but the federal government of the United States of America an inferior, and dangerous product. There, done!

What's that you say, it's not that easy? Why? It should be. What's the old saying about doing something, or get off the pot? Was Katrina last week? What is taking so long to do this? My mother could figure it out, we didn't get away with nothin when I was a kid! Put her in charge of this, she's unemployed right now. Come on, no matter what side you are on, this is ridiculous! Next month makes 3 years since this all happened. Do something even if it's wrong, we can always go back and fix it. If you ask me, the Republicans look scared to piss off big business, and the Democrats just look plain scared!


Slammermike said...

I can't believe that the Feds have not speced this to death like everything else they buy.

I heard that the specifications for the pea inside a police whistle are more than 10 pages long.

rantrant said...

The sad, sorry state of this affair is that neither side of this shameful situation sees any responsibility or remorse. If there were an official position taken, it would be something along the lines of "Let's ignore this, no one REALLY cares. If they cared, they'd force us to do something, and when was the last time anybody tried"
On a lighter note, I'd be willing to wager there are more people looking into this troublemaker from Baltimore than assessing blame for poisoning people.

awb said...

YIKES! Witness relocation, here I come!