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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Racial Harmony, As Long As It's The Right Toon

I have been reading a woman's blog who promotes MS issues. She also lives with her partner and promotes Gay and Lesbian issues, problems, and concerns. I posted following comment in response to her post about a 15 year old boy who was killed because he was gay.

"Home is the place to combat all forms of hatred. I'm sure the boy that did the killing didn't form his opinions on his own, he probably regurgitated what he had heard at the dinner table. As parents we need to teach that everyone is equal, everyone deserves respect. Classes in school and the work place only confuse the message, besides, who has he right to try and regulate what my children are taught? I want my children to hold the door for their fellow humans, and shake hands with everyone. I was taught at sexual harassment awareness they we both taboo. It's time to get rid of all special interest groups. They aren't the answer. The answer is to treat everyone with the same respect you want for yourself and family. It's a nice thought anyway."

OK, we all know that is never going to happen. Why not you may ask. Special groups, special initiatives, special purposes. Let's teach the importance of taking care of the Bay. Show our children what an unbelievable resource it is, and teach them to use it wisely. Let's have a conference and have speakers tell the story. There is such a conference scheduled. In the beginning of August, or the middle, I think it's the 16th and 17th, the first annual African American Maritime Conference. Sounds exciting! Are white guys allowed to go? The founder is hoping to promote sailing in the black community. That's just what the young black guys on North Ave. are hoping for!

What about the united Negro College fund, Miss black America. Black history month. Doesn't that drive a wedge deeper between people? What is that supposed to do? What is that, separate but NOT equal? Teaching young blacks, or blacks in general, only the contributions of blacks in history is tantamount to teaching segregated history. Have a month with just white accomplishments and watch the T-shirts get printed up. Do away with all of it. Get rid of Al Sharpton.

The media has to stop promoting all things separate. Stop having different rules for all sides. Tonight is Latino night at the O's game. The ethnic festivals are great, be proud you are Greek, Irish, or African. Dress to show off your pride, name your children to indicate your heritage. Stop giving one group special treatment because their people were slaves almost 150 years ago. They aren't anymore. All these do is teach children they are different from others. I'm not sure if it is to teach them they are better, or that I am worse? The hate won't stop until you teach your children by example.

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beachbum said...

Personally, I am completely sick of all of the liberal, black, hatemongers like Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakahn and the like who appear to have no real jobs. They travel around telling everyone how unfair life is to blacks. I got news for ya, whites, hispanics, orientals, etc ain't having much fun in this economy either. Get over slavery. I never owned a slave; no one in my family over the past 6 generations has. The Irish have gotten over the famine; the Jews have gotten beyond the Holocast and made zillions; the Crusades are over. Stop bitching, get a job and move it along. Here, here Bill Cosby.